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Wine Spectator Forums Rules and Regulations

The Wine Spectator Forums are intended to be a place for discussion of wine and related topics such as dining and travel. Please keep your topic choice appropriate to the venue.

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We ask for your cooperation. A good rule of thumb is that if a comment isn't appropriate on network television, it probably isn't appropriate here. Use common sense--if you wouldn't say something to an acquaintance in person and in public, you shouldn't write it here. When a specific thread devolves into name-calling, the offending posts will be deleted; if the topic becomes unsalvageable, it will either be deleted in its entirety or closed to further posts.

Promotion of commercial outside interests in the form of spam is forbidden, i.e. spam posts that promote specific wineries, retailers or private-interest groups.

Any links published on the Forums should direct users to content that is Forums appropriate. Whether or not another Web site's content is appropriate here will be determined by the same criteria by which the members' posts are judged.

When a post violates these policies, it will be dealt with in the following manner:

  • Offending posts will be removed and, whenever possible, the offending member will be issued an e-mail warning if it is merited, detailing the problem with the offending post and a reminder of what is and is not appropriate at Wine Spectator Online. They will also be directed to read and review the Rules and Regulations page.
  • Repeated rules violations may result in the offending member's posts being subject to the moderator's approval prior to appearing publicly.
  • Depending on the nature and degree of a given offense, members may be banned from the site.

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