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Maybe this should be under Buying and Selling, but I'll post here anyway.

I'm browsing their website earlier this afternoon and come across Chambertin Clos de Beze Girardin 2002 for $110. I put it in "my cart" but didn't check out because I was still looking. After I create a case and go to check out, I see the price has been raised to $145!!!

This was literally 20 minutes after I had it in my cart for $110!!! So, I deleted the rest of my case... I'll take my business elsewhere.
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Zachy's is consistently expensive vs. the market, however I have had the occasional bargain pop up. On the rare occasion where I've had a problem with them, their follow up and attitudes have been excellent. You should give them a ring, just to see what they would do. My bet is that they would honor the previous price.

Just got Zachy's Friday e-mail. A couple of good values....

Brunello di Montalcino Montosoli Altesino 1999 @ $65.00

Brunello di Montalcino Ugolaia Lisini 1999 @ $79

Both are at the very low end listed for these wines on Anyone interested in the complete offer from this week, let me know! Some other good stuff in there....

Hey Hunter,

When Zachys did their first futures offering on 1999 Brunelli, the alle Mura was offered @ $48.00. I bought 4 at that price, and frankly would buy again @ $60. I wish I'd bought more! The normale was only $40, so the alle Mura at $48 was ridiculous.

For anyone who is not getting the Friday "loss leader" e-mails from Andrew McMurray @ Zachy's, I highly recommend subscribing. amcmurray at zachys dot com.

Originally posted by latour67:
You can't find many bargains at Zachy's; and they used to be a great store 15 years ago. I stopped buying from them when they continued to raise prices! I think they must need to pay for that huge ad budget!

I think Zachy's has transformed from a hungry and knowledgeable retailer to one that is supported by wealthy consumers who will pay mindlessly for "well scored" wines. I must say however, that if you shop them carefully and wait for bargains, their purchasing power occasionally trickles down to the more discerning value shoppers among us.

It has been a while back and I don't remember the wine, but I do remember seeing a wine listed on Winesearcher at Zachy's at one price, and higher on their web site. I called in and they honored the lower price.

I will second the idea that while Zachy's is generally high, they do come out with some good deals, plus they have good selections. Also, because they are high, they frequently have hard to find wines in stock. Sometimes, if you want it bad enough, it could be worth the high price.

I believe they are worth keeping an eye on. You have to know what you are doing.
Wagner: You should have called, they would have honored the $110 price point. It happened to me with some 2000 Baroli futures and I called right before hitting the "send" button on my purchase.

The person I spoke with told me they would change the price on the invoice and sure enough they did. It saved me a good $15 a bottle which was great since I purchased half a case.

Board-O: you fossil, nothing wrong with placing an order online. Saves you the time of having to rehash over the phone Smile

I dont shop much at Zachy's, my aformentioned Barolo order was my one and only order. It was enough to warrant a free years subscription to Wine Spectator though. And also a free bottle of Burg over the fact they screwed up my order. In the end I got all my wine (plus the free bottle and a free subscription).
Premier Cru, K & L, Woodland Hills..

just a few off the cuff.

BUT, do not rule out Zachy's. After all, the chase is half the fun and that one lucky score is worth it. Last year, I picked up a six pack of the 96 PLL at $80. per. It run close to $150 per. The bottles came in in excellent condition. I also got the 99 Pegau second release CDP at $39, a very fair price. Got 5 of the 02 Thorne-Clarke Shotfire Ridge, Barossa Cuvee at $23. It had been in the market at $15, but this was a much later purchase and I deemed the wine to still be an excellent QPR, even at $23. There have been other purchases as well. Zachy's is a player, if you are a savvy buyer.

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