I can't tell if there is an existing thread out, but I started to think about it (slow night) after commenting about the 1997 Insignia being in my Top 10.  The only rule is you can't list the same producer/varietal twice (e.g., 1991 Ridge Monte Bello and 1989 Ridge Monte Bello).

CA Cabs

- 1984 Diamond Creek Lake Vineyard

- 1991 Ridge Monte Bello

- 1992 Diamond Creek Volcanic Hill

- 1987 Dunn Howell Mountain

- 1997 Insignia

- 1997 Heitz Martha's Vineyard

- 2007 Spotteswoode

- 2009 MacDonald

- 1996 Opus One

Original Post

Parcival’s :

-1997 Harlan
-1997 screaming eagle
-2007 scarecrow
-2007 hundred acre kali Morgan
-2001 Shafer hss
-1969 heitz c-91 (essentially Martha’s Vineyard)
-2009 macdonald
-1984 red rock terrace
-2010 spotteswoode
-1997 my veeder meritage (the wine that started it al at chinois on main in Santa Monica in 1999)

Not necessarily in any specific order but sticking with the CA Cab theme:

-2007 Scarecrow

-2007 Hundred Acre Kali Morgan

-2010 Spotteswoode

-1984 Diamond Creek Red Rock

-1997 Harlan

-1997 Screaming Eagle

-2009 MacDonald

-2001 Shafer Hillside Select

-1969 Heitz C-91 Cabernet (essentially Martha's vineyard; more of a nostalgia play than anything else)

-1999 Mt. Veeder Meritage (first wine that propelled me into my love of wine)


Not in any order. The list will change over time as I open some really nice CA cabs I've purchased over the past decade or so.

1994 Insignia

1997 Screaming Eagle

1999 Araujo

1997 Dalla Valle

1994 Opus One

2014 Crown Point Estate Selection

2002 Dominus

1994 Dunn Howell Mtn

2002 Shafer HSS

1989 Heitz Martha's (like the Mt Veeder mentioned above. It probably wouldn't make the list today but it started my love of wine and building a collection)


No particular order, but all Cali Cabs (only listing 8, because we can't do multiples from the same producer)...

*1984 Diamond Creek Lake (barely edging out the '78 DC Gravelly Meadow)

*2007 Scarecrow

*1973 Robert Mondavi Reserve (found a birth year wine that was truly stunning)

*1987 Dunn Howell Mountain

*1991 Ridge Monte Bello

*1995 Beaulieu Vineyards GdLatour

*2013 MacDonald (loved this in it's infancy, going to be amazing over the next 50 years)

*2007 Corra


Good Thread

1976 Ridge Monte Bello

1978 Mondavi Reserve

1979 Heitz Martha's Vineyard

1981 Diamond Creek Red Rock Terrace

1984 Beringer Private Reserve

1987 Dunn Howell Mountain

1994 Dominus

2002 Shafer Hillside Select

2005 Pahlmeyer

2007 O'Shaughnessy Howell Mountain

In no particular order.

2016 Little Penguin from Mag

2015 Yellowtail reserve from double mag

NV Gallo Shiraz jug in that straw basket

40oz of my favorite Coors light in the silver bullet bottle.

And when i'm really grooving, nothing like 40 oz of Colt 45.  "It works everytime!"


Following your rules...  In no particular order (well, in a particular order, but)...

1992 Dalla Valle Maya

1994 Dominus

1995 Harlan

1997 Joseph Phelps Insignia 

1999 Araujo Eisele

1999 Chappellet Pritchard Hill Estates Vineyard

1999 Shafer Hillside Select

2001 Karl Lawrence Reserve Morisoli

2001 Screaming Eagle 

2007 Spottswoode


Also, should be noted I’ve had 8 of those wines more than once and I’m referring to the best experience in each of those cases. 

Cali Cab

1994 Merryvale Oakville Grade

1995 Pahlmeyer

1996 Peter Michael les Pavots

1997 Phelps Insignia

1998 Lail J Daniel Cuvee

1999 Verite La Joie

1999 Heitz Martha's Vineyard

2001 Mondavi M-Bar Ranch

2002 Larkmead Solari

2002 Dalla Valle

Only 10?

One more... and this one really goes up to eleven.

2012 Larkmead "The Lark"

Single best cabernet I've ever tasted (young).



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