Hello everyone,

New to the site and enjoying everything I've read so far.

I do have a quick question: are the programs of this school for informational purposes only? I didn't see any kind of accreditations anywhere. I did notice that you get a certificate of some sort.

This won't affect my decision to take the courses, I'm just wondering if this is something I should mention to potential employers i.e. put it on my resume.

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Maybe you can tell us? Smile

Seriously, I (and I am sure many others here) have never even clicked any of these school links or courses. I forgot they were even here. I have no idea.

There's a school marmie around here somewhere. Maybe she can help.

Welcome to the board. Go to the Tasting Notes and Wine Conversations and you'll learn plenty also....if not more Smile
I think that even the Schoolmarm would tell us that the WS courses are more for fun and light learning than anything that should/could be used as an employment qualification.

That being said, I know a couple of wine newbies who took some of these courses and found the structure and organization helpful in getting started.


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