Being a newbie, I'm about to bust myself out on this one, but I thought I’d start a thread since this is the place I should have been investigating/discussing/posting since 1997. Why ’97 you may ask? That was the year this beer-guzzling fraternity boy discovered good wine.

Do you remember your first time?

After college my mother handed me a 1988 Wehlener Sonnenuhr Riesling – Auslese she received from a friend. Knowing little about aged Rieslings, I looked it up and compared its color to many a “wine course” book. Despite all this research, the best came upon tasting. THIS was the wine that hooked me and made me transition from that aforementioned fraternity beer-guzzling boy to a wine enthusiast. It’s taken eight years of constant reading, experimenting, and searching to truly appreciate that Riesling and learn about others. I almost wish I had that day/taste back again. It was the first entry in my first (of three thus far) wine journals. I hearken back to it occasionally to reminisce, but this spot of metacognition allows me to recognize that first moment when I found the true joy that is wine.
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My cousin Steve gave me a bottle of chardonnay from a trip to California. He said "share it with someone special on a special occasion."

Not knowing any better, I opened it a week later with a girl I had just started dating. It was killer! Unbelievable! She thought so too, and made sure I knew it for the rest of the night. Big Grin I looked it up online and found it to be:

Peter Michael Sonoma County Point Rouge 1999. Eek

Needless to say, the girl married be because I obviously have impeccable taste.
"Do You Remember the First Time?" - fantastic song by Pulp.

The one that changed my opinion about wine was fairly prosaic. It was a St Emilion from Marks and Spencer. I was sharing a company house with a couple of other guys, Nigel and Glyn, and Nigel was leaving. As a farewell he dragged in this bottle and we shared it. Glyn and I were of the opinion that £2 was enough to spend on a bottle but this was £8. It was so different form any other that I'd had that I had to up my maximum and it's kept increasing ever since.
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Well, there was this girl who lived across the street and she had really big......

Zins. I mean HUGE Zins.

That was good Dave!!!

Anyway my first time was a 1996 Wolf Blass Black Label. Absolutely heaven.

"La Primera Vez" - my favorite song by Los Psico Rude Boys del Espacio Exterior.

For me it was a dinner hosted by one of my professors in 2000. Lasagna accompanied by 2 Chianti Classico Riservas, one from '85 and one from '88. After dinner we were treated to a taste of '63 Croft VP and some Sherry.

The whole experience got me hooked.
Peter Michael Sonoma County Point Rouge 1999

HOLY &#$!!! Talk about getting your hopes up about CA Chard...

For me, I have liked wine since I can recall. However, 1986 Chateau Talbot and 1989 Laurent Charles Brotte Chateuneuf-du-Pape both register as among the first wines to really form a singular expression in my mind.


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