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Last fall I contributed to the Kickstarter campaign by Steve De Long for his Wine Maps of the World box set. I received them about a month ago and love them. I reference them regularly when I'm opening wine, ordering wine, etc.

They have an excellent level of detail (take a look at the screen shots of the individual maps on the website) but where they fall short is when it comes to the individual vineyards of each region. It would be impossible to include, say, all the climats in Burgundy on a map of this scale.

Here are the other maps I have so far:

Barolo/Barbaresco: Alessandro Masnaghetti's Enogea app and digital maps for Barolo, as well as his three books for Barolo and Barbaresco. They're hard to beat.

Champagne: Peter Liem's book which includes excellent maps.

Bordeaux: I've ordered Jane Anson's new book which is supposed to have high quality maps of the region.

I'd love to have more detailed maps of Burgundy, the other regions of Italy (especially Tuscany), Spain, and the US west coast.

So my question is: what are your favourite wine maps for each wine region?

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A lover of maps here too, although a little short of the wine related type.  I have a bit of a collection, so apologies if I spout on a bit here in re maps in general, as I think it is a great topic. 

By way of living in Europe for close on 12 years and with resources and wanderlust, we made it to a fair bit of locations.  I always made sure to stop in the local tourist office, as they will have a free hand out to help you get acquainted with the city 'centre' and various sites and information.  Barring that, I always purchased a map as a souvenir of the trip.  As GPS was not in general use, less so smart phones, I have my fair share of road atlases and fold opens with plenty of use (parenthetically, my wife isn't much of a navigator, so I'd usually have the map out on my lap for reference, usually making finding the hotel that much more nerve-racking for her).  In addition, piste maps, trails, historic routes...I actually could fill a moderate sized salon if they were splayed out properly. 

Regarding wine maps, I went down to the basement to find the map box but it would take too long to sort through.  Laying near the top however, was a regional winery map from the Consortio di Montalcino.  Its on rusticated brown paper with dark brown printing. 

I recently found two prints, one of Spain and one of Italy, in a tube, very similar to the link you posted above.  My wife dropped them off at the framers a few weeks ago and has yet to pick them up.  They have a bit of size to them and she didn't want to tell me the price tag!  Look forward to picking them up...I'll post pix when we get them back.

As is stands, I have, framed, a large format sat image of the Alps, in German, a Spanish navigational chart of the straight of Gibraltar, an historical map of the bay of Cadiz (can't think of it as an original, but after binging on Antiques Roadshow, I think I should get it checked out at some point [the date in Roman numerals states 1789 or so, but its in too good of shape), a large format nautical chart of the Canarias, and a repro print of antiquity of the globe.  I also have an unframed German army logistics map of Vicenza provence from WWI I bought for 10 euro at the Piazzola sul Brenta mercantino.

My love of maps was one reason I enjoyed my time as a construction estimator/preconstruction manager as I loved to pour over a full set of engineered drawings (or renderings, schematics, DDs, all of it) to envision what what going to be built..and how much it would cost.

I could blather on but I'll stop.  Thanks for reading.

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