Of course, I'm getting some bottles of fine wine for Christmas ('00 Bordeaux in particular).

But it dawned on me--I'm getting Christmas presents that are going to go away to a dark cold place for a minimum of 7-10 years! What other gift is like that--it's pretty funny when you think about it. Not that I'm complaining, mind you...

Merry Christmas to all my winehound buddies!! It is WONDERFUL to have a place where we can talk about one of our passions. (My other one is music.)

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Or 20+ years in a cold dark cellar in my case, because I know I'm getting a mag of 2000 Graham vintage port. by the time it's ready to drink, all my milestones (retirement, kids' weddings) will have passed.

Maybe for my 70th birthday, if I or it last that long....

snow sucks.......
We received a book from our cousin about the regions and the specifics of winemaking... very cool coffee table book. I have purchased a few wines recently for the cellar... kind of a Christmas present to myself. Mrs. LJ is good at finding the QPR gifts (she brought home Allegrini PDT '99 for Valentine's Day last year). We'll see if she dug something up again.



I do not believe WS rated this wine but WA did and he gave it 94-97 pts.
A great drink although it needs a little time, the '02 vintage in McLaren Vale and Barossa is awesome imo. Additionally, i believe the suggested retail is $35.00/750.
Merry Christmas!

I also got a bottle of 1991 Taylor Vargellas, plus some wine knicknacks from Vinopolis in London: a bottle bracelet to tell me the temperature of the wine, a wine diary, and some other cleaver thing that I forget.... Confused

Oh yeah, and mucho dollars worth of Vintages gift certificates, to buy more vintage port! Big Grin

snow sucks.......
1971 JJ Prum Wehelener Sonnenuhr Auslese Goldcap

And various wine paraphernalia, but nothing nearly as tasty as the above should be!


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Merry Christmas to you LovesRed & all the other members of the forums.

Among my gifts,I received several assortments of chocalate. One was a box of fine Belgian Chocalates in the shape of sea shells.

I'm going to bookstores this weekend to look for books about wine. Hopefully, I will find some really good sales. A friend suggested that I wait until after the first of the year, but I'm afraid everything would have been picked over and the majority of good stuff taken by then.

Today, we are drinking Perrier Jouet Grand Brut Champagne. We will have Louis Jadot Bourgogne Rouge Pinot Noir with our goose.

I am also preparing a coconut cake with eggnog frosting. I will not serve a dessert wine with this. I will serve coffee.

Bon Appetit, Everyone!
Four nice bottles. Nothing too fancy, but all appreciated:

2000 Byington Gewurztraminer (anybody that has notes on this I'd appreciate it)
2001 Sette Ponti Crognolo (after seeing this in my stocking I popped a 1999 Crognolo with the prime rib and it was excellent)
and, in my stocking,
one Buller's Tokay and one Benjamin NV Port

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andreasx: you posted that 1990 was your anniversary year. Isn't every year your anniversary year?

Anyway, I got a unique gift. We went out to dinner last August with some friends for my 50th birthday. I thought it was a little weird that they asked for the empty wine bottle.

Here's the Christmas present: They somehow melted down the bottle, and, preserved the label, and made it into a glass cheese dish, with the label showing. The label is internal to the glass, so it won't be damaged by washing or by cutting cheese.
It is beautiful.


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Santa brought:
'98 Grange
'02 Shirvington Shiraz
'99 Clarenden Shiraz Hickenbotom

Thus ends my year of down under. My last year's resolution was learning and drinking Ausralian and Washington wines. My new year's resolution is learning about German wines.
As always this forum provides a great source to enhance any learning resolution.
Hey! Just back from Florida Christmas vacation. I got the following:

Neck tags for the bottles in my cellar.
Stainless steel slanted bottle holder and cork.
Bottle of Georges Duboeuf Beaujolais Nouveau.
Bottle of 1999 Jordan Sonoma Cabernet Sauvignon.
And best present of all? Having my daughter home from college. Smile

I brought a bottle of Chilean Cab/Merlot blend to my wonderful in-laws and they pronounced it "DRY!", as in "Ugh!" God love them, these are people that prefer White Zinfandels and jug wines, the cheaper the better.

Best meal of the trip was Joe's Stone Crab in Miami Beach. Wine list sported outrageous markups. Eek
From my brother in law

'95 Gruaud-larose

From friends

'02 Dr Loosen Wehlener Sonnenuhr Kabinett

From Parents

'85 Mondavi Reserve Cab
'02 Kirkham Peak Mclaren Vale Shiraz

From Wife

'00 Pichon - Longueville Baron
'91 d'Yquem
Armagnac - Foile Blanche - Bron de Lustrac

I know exactly what you mean. The in-laws in Indiana had the exact same "too dry" comment when I served the J Pinot Noir. This from the same relatives that sereved me Indiana produced Mead.

They did get me a nice rabbit corkscrew for Christmas however.
With a baby on the way most of the gifts were geared towards her, which was quite alright because we needed all of them. None-the-less, my sister and her boyfriend gave me 1 bottle of each of the following:

2000 Costanti Rosso di Montalcino
1995 La Massa Georgio Prima

I am familiar with the Costanti as I have several of his Brunello's, however her boyfriend told me the true gem is the La Massa,

Does anyone know anything about this wine? It is a Chianti Classico and fairly hard to get from what he told me. Also, it could technically be called a riserva because it is aged for the proper amount of time, however the maker does not make a standard, so that is why it is not a riserva. Very good juice though he said.


Please post any notes you might have and any other info that you may have.

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A new Seville Classics 7 shelf steel wire wine rack, to match the one I already had. Holds up to 168 bottles, now I've got some spots to fill.(Nature hates a vacuum!) Broke down the collection into imports and domestics with a dedicated shelf for dessert wines. The wife couldn't figure out how it filled up so quickly, I guess she forgot about the 2000 Bordeaux hiding by the old well pump.

"...soon they'll be bleary eyed under a keg of wine, Down where the drunkards roll." Richard Thompson.
I got about every wine related gift you can buy except for an actual bottle of wine.

I got bottle openers (plural), bottle stoppers (including one that is an upside down santa, so it looks like he's going down into the bottle - yeah, I'm going to use that one when I open my 86 Margaux), foil cutters, wine books, and wine bags.

Not a single bottle of vino...
Following up on my post from last week, my husband got me a variation of the Le Nez du Vin kit - it's called Wine Discovery and has all the little vials of scents in it. I was thrilled, as he had ordered it well before I mentioned that I was searching for one!

As the gift to myself Wink , I ordered a few bottles from Zachy's of things I didn't find at my local shop and am anxiously awaiting my delivery...
Not a gift I received, but I gift I gave.

My father, with whom I regularly share good bottles with has a habit of only buying cheap corkscrews. After many years of frustration of trying to open old bottles with dodgy corkscrews whenever I visit my parents, Santa brought my old man a Rabbit Ears and a Screwpull and strict instructions to throw out every other corkscrew he owns.

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Gifts for me:
* 1999 Beringer "Montagia" Cabernet...comes in a really cool black lacquer box
* 1999 Cain Five (I love this wine)
* Le Nez du Vin (or something like that) tasting kit
* I also got a killer suit (my first suit)...no wine with it, I just wanted to gloat Big Grin

Gifts from me:
* 2001 Neal Family Cabernet
* 2001 Caymus Cabernet
* 2001 Ramey Jericho Canyon
I also got a nifty little wine aerator - stick it in the nexk of the bottle, push down the plunger, and it forces bubbles into the bottle. Seems like it might be a gimmick, but I'm too lazy to try two bottles, one with and one without it, to see.

I used my gift certificates for:

-1994 Dow
-2000 Noval

snow sucks.......

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