yesterdays trip to lws

One of my all time fav wine shops for free tastings is stew leonards in farmingdale. They pour over 20 different wines a week and will often pour not only plonk. Got email this past week that due to crappy weather and such they were going to be opening their two "best" bottles on saturday between 1 and 3. Showed up at 1:45 and picked myself up off the floor at around 2:10 They cracked open a 05 Margaux (1000 retail 100pointer) and 05 d'yquem (850 retail 97 pointer) Being that 05 is wedding year I happen to own one of these two beuts (never tried it before yesterday however).
Will post notes but gotta say the Margaux was very tight and closed (decanted at 9 am placed back in bottle around noon for the pouring) no sign of any age in glass, deep dark purple color, hint of berry. The desert wine could be a tad cooler (Was room temperature-ish) lots of fresh melon/citrus on nose and taste.
The bottle I have will not be opened for at least another decade.
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they have decent (libby(or libby styled) 7 oz wine glasses with dishwasher on site.
I did not bring in my own stems (I keep a box of 36 elemental capri 7oz white wine tasting glasses in trunk quite often due to my tasting club) as it does bring a tad more attention to me then I like and I have used there stems for so many years my senses and semi calibrated to them (the libby and elemental's are very similar in size/shape/etc)
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Don't tell me it was a medicine cup!

Funny you mention this. I had my first ever tasting of a Krug Grand Cuvee NV out of one of these yesterday at a very good store here in DC. Clearly not in the same class of wines as the Margaux or Yquem but i did find it odd given the store quality.

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