My wife and I have a tradition of gathering family, going to a restaurant that servers a prix fixed menu with wine paring. This year we're having a problem focusing in on a restaurant. Currently, we're leaning toward "The Cat and the Custard Cup" however we're open to other suggestions.

Any ideas?
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Since you do not tell us your location I'll take it you don't mind traveling, eh?
There's a great place in Zimbabwe named Victoria Falls Hotel Wink
The Cat and Custard Cup is down at the bottom of the hill from me - but tho I like it, if you really want something special, I would try one of these;

The Black Sheep Bistro - truly innovative (likes to do special things)

Riviera by the Fireside - outstanding, stuffy

Mr. Stox - they have special Christmast thing with Carolers in December, thru Christmas eve

The Cellar - call and see if they want to do something special, and they may have something planned or they might do it for you

La Vie En Rose - less than 10 miles away and they might have an X-mas special.

I will probably be out that night, at one of these, but not the Cat!
My is my face red Red Face ...oh yeah and I'm embarrassed. My wife and I live in a small hamlet called Encino. It is part of the San Fernando Valley and is at the northern end of Los Angeles. We don't mind traveling, but what we're looking for is good wine and ambience.

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