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Hi. I completed all classes in WSET at certificate and diploma levels. Right now I am in the thick of completing 3 more exams and 3 more papers so I hope to say in one year from now that I am finished. I have been completing all of this at International Wine Center in NYC, the WSET NYC brance the articles discuss.

It is true that their program focus leans more toward the wine business rather than restaurants. For example, they never get into discussions about food and wine pairings.

As per its legitimacy, all of their exams are administered by British examiners. They mail the exams to the IWC to administer, and then after we take these exams, IWC mails the exams back to England to be graded there. THe lecturers we had were a combination of various wine professionals, all of whom have WSET diploma. None of these teachers "teach to the test" since they do not get to see the test before hand.

To that end, I hope that WSET still remains legitimate as I put a great deal of time and effort. So long as I receive the piece of paper I expect to earn, I am good. I would imagine that since the exams are given by the British and graded there, that the program is going to remain well respected in the world of wine.
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The article took shots at the credibility as to whether IWC is properly licensed to teach WSET> The reality is the exams are written in London, mailed to IWC, we take the exams under their supervision, and then IWC mails exams back to London to be graded. IWC is more the test center in that regard. The instructors are guest speakers with Diplomas but they don't see tests in advance so therefore, they can't teach to the test.
I found out the bad mouthing of WSET was a game that some guy was playing as a way to promote people to attend his wine program instead. Here is an e-mail that was forwarded to me:

HI all, thought I would pass this along from one of my co-workers (also a former lawyer)!
interesting take.

this was the subject of a recent thread on the wine
board. i'd link it, but most of the contents have been removed by the
moderators. apparently this guy is going around hyping up another
organization, the International Sommelier Association, or something,
and bashing the IWC and the WSET. as far as i dug up, the press
release is nothing other than his own and the is an
unmoderated forum where anyone can put out a press release.

i investigated his claims in depth, and there's little or no validity
to them, at least in NYS under state laws. my post on chowhound was
also removed, and he's since removed the legal citation that he had on
the first link. the whole thing is quite bogus.

i'm glad the law degree has paid off!!!

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