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Hey gang,

I just confirmed my admission to take the WSET Advanced Certificate in just under a month from now.

I was wondering if any of you who have done it have some tips on what to focus on and how to study best for it. Or is it just "Know the whole book by heart including soils and topography"?

Those of you who have it, did you start working on Diploma right off the bat? How long did it take you? Were you ready for Diploma studies after taking the Certificate or did you need a few more years of winetasting?

I'm very grateful for all tips. I'm not the best at finding optimal methods of study.
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Don't stress is my first advice. It never helps.

You certainly don't need to know the book by heart. You do however need to understand everything in the book.

Concentrate on quality status. You should know why a wine falls into the category it does.

I have not started my Diploma yet, I would have loved to but it is not easy out here in Australia. I felt I was ready and probably was, but I think extra experience, tasting, travel and general wine experiences also have helped since.

I say if you pass the Advanced with confidence and get a good mark then get stuck into the Diploma.

Billy B
I just signed up, exam is 6th of December. I have however gone through the book once before for a five week university course.

Thanks for the tips Billy, I made a study plan today, I will be going through the material over three weeks and then use the last week as repetition and such (I have another university course in Sensory Analysis with an exam two days after WSET).

By the way, do you have any tips as far as study material goes for New World wines go? WSET is very France oriented and while I agree that there is where most of my focus should be directed, it'd be nice to get to know more about especially the US and Aussie wine landscape as well.

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