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Originally posted by latour67:
This is a depressing thread!

I'd have to give up wines, eating out, and no more martinis, & especially no more Bookers Bourbon.

Like I said, this is a very depressing thread!

Latour- I couldn't disagree with you more. I am a bourbon guy, with 13 different bourbons in my cabinet, and have one almost every night. I like to have one, and then a glass of wine with some cheese, grapes and cashews/almonds/pistachios. That is my go to meal for "dinner" and has helped me cut out the large dinner meal that so plagued me. And, Bookers is my favorite, go to bourbon and you definitely do not have to give that up. So don't disparage there!
Also, here is what appears to be a polarizing question/concept for the dieting world. Do you weigh yourself everyday or once a week or __x week/month?

I am firmly in the camp of everyday. I have a large "desk" calendar tacked to my bathroom wall over the scale and get on every morning first thing and write down that day's tally in bright blue permanant marker. That way I see the monthly trend (good or bad) and know that if I want to splurge, that I will see the bad result the next day. That way if I wake up very hungry, I see a (hopefully) positive result that morning that incentivizes me to be strong for another day. And on the flip side, if I see a +++ day, that gets me going as I don't want to see multiple +++ days in a row!!!

My issue (among many others) in the past was that I would not get on the scale every day and that could/would allow you to get so far gone that I would lose momentum (or get it going in the wrong direction) and would feel out of control. Control is everything. I have good days and bad days. I have good weeks and bad weeks. But, for the last 13 months, I am trending down and am 121 pounds down over that period of time and still take clients out for steak dinners. I still eat well, just much, much, much less of it and if i know that I have a "big night" planned, I skimp for a day or two so that I don't blow my goals.

I am in way shape or form a diet guy, but I have found what is working for me and so am doing it.


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