Well, Mrs. Gigabit and I stepped onto the scale this morning for the first time in 2-3 weeks and were somewhat surprised shocked at the numbers staring back at us. We are determined to not only eliminate the holiday pounds, but also remove some additional unwanted weight.

Reading about the success that Dale451 has had this past year has provided further inspiration for me.

I thought that a thread dedicated to other forumites wishing to shed some pounds/kilos would be a good idea. A support group, if you will, where people can post goals, receive encouragement, and share successes.

My goal is to lose 20 pounds by March 31.
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I am 212 right now. Tough to say if that weight will go down when lifting weights but eventually that number must stabilize and some fat must come off. My goal is to have washboard abs by February. Razz
OK. Here's an idea that I think has been around for a while (however realizing my own weight and size I haven't been able to get a grip on it):

    Consume less calories.
    Burn more calories.
count me in pal. as long as it doesn't mean cutting wine/beer.

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15 pounds. Lets do it!!
Last year my goal was 41 pounds. I started the year at 196 and at one point was down to 170. After football season was over I was back up to 180, where I find myself today. My goal for this year is 25 pounds. I did my first 5k last year, I'm going to do several 5k's this year as well as my first half marathon.
I belong to the ymca and I used to work out with the free weights, but now I just run on the treadmill and use the cybex machines. I'd rather have less muscle mass. I'm 5'10 and weigh 153 pounds so I just want to maintain my weight.
The thread idea is a good one. My "M-O" is I begin working out NOW and I'm usually good, and thats 5-6 days at the gym/week. I'll lose 20 lbs by May. Then by the 4th of July the wheels start to fall off. Backyard parties, fun food, but I know its not the wine Wink. So no working out say from june/july to september. Back to the gym for 1 month, hunting season starts in october and I won't be denied my venison, so no gym for the rest of the year!! I'll pack on 20-25lbs and the cycle begins again. YO-YO diet I guess. Really should lose about 30lbs.I feel thats realistic in a 12 month period, cus you gotta still have wine!

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