Hello! My name is Anna. I’m taking Wine Spectator on-line course (Understanding Professional Wine Sales and Service) and really enjoy it. But I need somebody who could join me for my class tastings. I’m new in San Francisco and few my friends here they are not wine people at all.
May be you are taking the same course or just want to try, compare and learn somethhing new. I have a place and printable material for tastings I just need about 3 more wine lovers for it.
We could do it every Fryday. I'm also will be really appreciate any helpful idias!
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If you don't get any bites here, you might go over on the wltv boards: Clicky.
There are a lot of SF-ites there, and the social scene tends to be pretty jovial. There's a Third Thursday forum which you might post on. Also, corkd.com is another Gary V. sponsored thing that is geared for meet and greets for wine lovers.

Good luck, and enjoy!
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Thank you very much. I put my ads there too and waiting for replies. Roll Eyes

Don't get discouraged, something should come up. Robert Parker has a board that should have some San Fransisco people on it also. You should probably put something in the offline section.
It is coast of Black Sea. I like to try new things in different style. I prefer classic French wine may be because I know more about it (I used to take wine classess in Moscow, and my teacher was french wine specialist). Do you have your favorit wine style? Your favorite wine?

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