Red wine is consumed all times of the year, but I find I drink more of them in the winter with heartier fare. What are some of your winter whites that have the body to stand up to winter comfort food?
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If I want body I drink reds.

I'll probably get through a few Varner Chardonnays, Kim Crawford Sauvignon Blancs and various bubblies over the next couple of months.

I drank an excellent caseworthy Chaine d'Or Chardonnay on Thanksgiving with a butternut squash soup - I'll probably get more of that if finances permit.

Other than that it's high octane reds for me, and a magnum of Pinot Noir with the turkey on the 25th.
I drink a lot of whites in the winter, more than in the summer in fact. It's crab season and that means I usually pull out Chenin Blancs from the Loire, CdP Blancs, Chardonnays from the Santa Cruz Mountains, and Chablis. If a lobster makes it into the rotation I might ad some white Burgundy to the list as well.

My favorite whites are Sancerre, Pascal Jovilet and Gerard Boulay in particular. Also I like German Spatslese, the ones that are sweet but with enough acid to be crisp and stimulating. Along the lines of what VT2IT and wineismylife said, you should be able to enjoy these anytime.
Whereas my palate is definitely Euro-tuned and I find my New World red wine intake limited to tasting, during the winter I find pleasure in the big, rich whites from California.

In particular, I really like the Rhone varieties as in Spencer Roloson Grenache Blanc, Treana white, and the roussannes from Austin Hope and Consilience.

The oaky chards work for me this time of year too; Miner and Pride are both favorites, but there are so many in this category it's hard to quibble.

I've just taken hold of some Paras Vineyard Pinot Blanc (Mt. Veeder area)that's smashing and I've been enjoying my new, '06 Palazzone Viognier "L'Ultima Spiaggia" lately, too, which is from Umbria, Italy (most unexpectedly).

Okay, I'll keep an eye out for it. I think I may have at some point; I recall being underwhelmed by their pinot noir last time I tried them, as well as what, if memory serves, was their pinot blanc.

But yeah, I'll give 'em another whack. Thanks for the tip.
At -10C today, winter whites is an oxymoron as far as I'm concerned. Unless you're talking about the stuff on the ground. We'll drink a white occasionally during the winter if there is no other pairing option, but I use the winter to re-build my cellar inventory of whites.
I'll be and have been drinking my 2004 Albert Mann grand cru Gewurtztraminers with holiday foods like ham and turkey. They have a rich fruit and mouthfilling fatness that I like with confort food. When I get together with my brother at christmas we will have some nice chablis from his cellar. Razz

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