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Looks like we are going to have at least 1 opening. I think we should fill it instead of folding the team.

For those interested, here are the league details:

-16 team keeper league
-up to 3 keepers each year and you lose the draft pick they were taken in the year before (it is more complicated than that but I'm keeping it simple)
-5x5 roto
-entrance fee is $75 bottle of wine
-snake draft
-this is the 8th year of the league
-new owners would take over the open teams
-top 4 teams win wine

Originally posted by ChillyWino:
Originally posted by The Analyst:
Originally posted by TomNYC:
Don't see why Toronto would be a problem

It's not exactly easy for me to ship a bottle to the winner or to have others ship me wine if I win. Damn LCBO!...

Shouldn't have that problem this year, right?

Can always go the route of a check or a bottle from a retailer. I have trouble shipping and go that route.
Powell just sent me an email with some thoughts. I'm still waiting to hear back from him on a couple questions, but I think these 3 dates are what we're thinking;

Feb 27th - Confirmation from owners that they are back in again. If we don't hear from an owner by the 27th, we start giving the teams to new owners on the 28th.

March 6th - Keepers Due

March 20th - Draft

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