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Yes. I remember two purchases, might have been three. I got what I ordered, when they said I would, at the price that they said they'd charge. The wines were shipped in a good package and were in good condition.

I would order from them again. Of course, living in the wonderful state of PA, I had them ship to one of my NJ offices and I picked the juice up on my next trip.... Smile

I bought 6x '01 Castano Solanera from them earlier this year. While they said on their site that they had it in stock, and charged my CC immediately, it took them ~3 months to deliver. During this time they never provided me updates, and were rather rude when I called (quite often) to check.

I think this experience was probably anomalous. Everything else I’ve heard about them indicates they’re one of the better online retailers around. If I were ordering another "low availability" wine I'd be prepared to wait, but for anything order I think you'll be fine.


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We are talking about is the "Wine Exchange" in Orange California.

I have purchased from them for 15+ years and have had only good experiences. Also, I have ordered significant "Bordeaux Futures", (before my boycott of Bordeaux in 2000--and it is still in effect Mad.)------anyway, "Futures" is where you pay the cases price up front and don't get the delivery for two years! The Wine Exchange has always been prompt and delivered everything I ordered. (always be very careful with "Futures"---if a wine store goes Bankrupt, you will have lost you money and you won't get delivery of your order.

Not only do they have good prices, but they have a monthly magazine, named "The Stock Report" listing their inventory, prices, and other information and opinions. I like the Wine Exchange.
While I can't speak for their on-line service, it is the retailer I frequent the most. I used to work in between Hi Times and The Wine Club, but not any more.

The Wine Exchange folks are pretty helpful if you ask for advice and hands off if you don't.

If I were you, I would call them and see what personal service they can give you.


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i havent bought from them online, only at their store and i've had no problems at all. echoing what other's have said about "low availability" wines, i notice those tend to be the ones they don't have multiple cases of in their store.

if you know what you're interested in, i would call ahead and talk to them in person first, before you order online. theres been a couple of times where things listed as "out of stock" on the website were at the store, maybe a few bottles or so...
The specifics I'll not divulge as I simply don't feel it fair to launder my complaint on a forum. Obviously, they've provided many others with excellent service, as upline comments reflect. My first, and only order, however, was very poorly handled and on matters that were communicated specifically by me at time of order as being of critical importance and I was assured the matters would be handled according to instructions. They were not. That's all. But enough for me to not give them repeat business.

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