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I know I will get beat up for asking, but any suggestions? I could not find any good threads, so if there are some that I missed, please post the link(s). We are looking for something more boutiquey and intimate. Have in the past really enjoyed David Arthur and Vineyard 29. We are there on a Saturday and Sunday and have Quintessa, Rudd, and Cakebread booked. Thanks in advance!
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To get a feel for the extraordinary diversity of the place be sure to include wineries in different parts of the Valley- The ones you have booked are all great, but are almost within walking distance of one another. Visit a mountain winery or two, go to Carneros, go to Calistoga, and then you will start to appreciate why Napa Valley is special. If it is foggy when you get up in the morning go up the nearest mountain: the view will amaze you, and also explain a lot about winemaking here.
tanglenet, you win the DB award for being the first person to correct grammar and give an extremely helpful response. Your wit is fantastic.

By the way, my money was on Dave Tong to be the first to make the grammar correction, but he was only able to come up with a wiseass comment.

Thanks to everyone else for using the forums for its real purpose of sharing knowledge and not stifling genuine interaction.
I returned from visiting the valley this morning. In keeping with bearshead's recommendation of hitting different areas of the valley here are a few that I enjoyed. They are listed from north to south.

Pride - Spring Mountain - north end of the valley up in the mountains. Very different from the valley floor.

Larkmead - wasn't able to make it there, but numerous posters on the forum have recommended it and the staff at Pride did too.

Pine Ridge - Stag's leap district. - small scenic winery. Nice Cabs

Pina & Miner: - Oakville on Silverado Trail ; Pina makes some great cabs, very low key tasting room, but worth it. Miner is my personal favorite winery and they treat you right. If you happen to go ask for Jaime and tell him Brad sent you. You won't regret it.

Artesa - Carneros - We thought the wines were just OK, but the property was so interesting it's worth checking it out.

Personally, I prefer to keep my tastings close to each other to cut down on the driving. The flip side is we never seem to make it out of Oakville.

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