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I saw a Parker review for N.V. Palomino Oloroso Asuncion Alvear which states: "The extraordinary non-vintage Oloroso Asuncion is a medium dark amber-hued, dry, rich, intense effort displaying an amazing perfume of walnuts and honey. Full-bodied, dry, powerful flavors linger on the palate. It is a steal at this price. Drink it with sushi or any number of tapas dishes."

Any thoughts?
Originally posted by Dave Tong:
Sapporo. And none of that Canadian rubbish - make sure it's proper Japanese stuff.

It really bugs me the way Asahi, and now Sapporo, put IMPORTED in huge letters, but if you read the small print it's actually brewed under licence in Canada. That's misleading and ought to be illegal.

It's imported from Canada! Roll Eyes

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