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we are doing a morroccan chicken recipe. it's got salted (preserved) lemons, kalamata olives (ok, not morroccan, but what can you do)and, of course, middle eastern spices.
the only time I had middle eastern food in a restaurant we had a pretty dry Macon-Village. we're also serving cous-cous, vegetables, and a morroccan meat pie with ground lamb.
anybody got a suggestion? at the moment i'm leaning towards a pretty dry Pouilly-Fusee and/or a light red like a Valpollicella Classico or maybe a Spanish Garnacha.
Any suggestions/thoughts are welcome.
Thanks in advance! Confused Confused
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Ah, now I see why you inquired about Ch. Musar on that other thread.

I think preserved lemon would create havoc with any red wine. I like your suggestion of Pouilly Fuisse quite a bit; Chablis might work well also.

My first instinct would have been Sauvignon Blanc, either a quite-citrusy one from NZ-- such as Cloudy Bay-- or a minerally one from the Loire, maybe Sancerre or Pouilly-Fume. Sauv Blanc also seems to work well with saltiness, which the Kalamata olives as well as the lemon will provide.

An interesting preparation for the chicken. Bon appetit.


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I think Seaquam is on the right track. A group of us went to a Moroccan restaurant in Europe last week. The nature of the food is that you order a lot of tasting dishes and pass them around. So you have to pair the wine with the style of Moroccan food in totality rather than with a specific dish.

The wines we enjoyed most were an unoaked chardonnay and a NZ Sauvignon Blanc. If it had been available, I would have wanted to order a Sancerre to get a minerally taste.
I understand your issue with the lemons, but the spices of Moroccan push me back to red.

Incidentally, I have paired Merlot with a meal of cous cous mixed with veggies and garlic.

Bon Appetit has a similar chicken dish on the Feb front cover and they paired it with a lager beer or Zinfadel.

Mowine, open a red and a white!! Party on.
I absolutely love Moroccan food (suppose I have to since I am married to a Moroccan), but I am also a wine lover. This has occasionally become very frustrating as to pairings and so I continued to fall back to a mainstay...Corona. That is right, Corona. Although most who know me would only see this in my hand during a Yankees game (the other hand holding my cup of spent sunflower seeds), I have found it to be a much reliable and pleasurable pairing. When the mood is not so toned down and a wine seems in order, I generally choose wines from Spain or Portugal. Mostly Riojas or Douros and have found that these beat out all other reds. I must admit that the Sauvignon Blanc will be the next attempt and I too will hope for the best.

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