Wine Terroir Adventure

After producing “Carmenere Adventure”, this week a new campaign was confirmed from September 1 to December 15, and it is called “Wine Terrroir Adventure”.

It will be a motorcycle trip form Santiago to New York City, which will visit different Terroirs in Latin America and the US. The goal of this promotional campaign is to discover the best wine producing regions, from which all the footage needed to produce a documentary about wines and adventure motorcycling will be filmed.

This promotional campaign considers a 25,000-miles trip across 18 countries and Social Media will play an important role and throughout the Twitter account @WTAdventure and Facebook “Wine Terroir Adventure”, from which the rider – Cristian Munoz – will show pictures, news and updates from the trip while he discover unique wine appellations.

One of the main goals of this journey is to visit wineries that produce Ultra Premium and Luxury wines that truly represent their Terroirs. Along the route through The Americas, Cristian will interview winemakers, sommeliers, wine journalist and bloggers, consumers and restauranteurs, and have first-hand experience with the local wine community in order to understand the importance of Terroir in the production of high-end wines.
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One of the main goals of this journey is to visit wineries that produce Ultra Premium and Luxury wines that truly represent their Terroirs.

That's terrible!


Any idiot can walk into an art gallery and ask, "Which way to the expensive art?"

Please ask those people to do some independent research and skip the 'idiot's guide to expensive wine' crap and look for who is making wine in the way they claim to be interested in filming. Maybe some wine 'journalism' could accidentally occur!

Iconoclastic garagistes would give better material then some guy at Opus who thinks staining the barrels unifirmly is part of terroir.

Most of the people 'he' plans to interview are more interested in mark up and marketing than terroir.

"Ultra Premium" and "Luxury" wines....this is a puff piece!

No offense to you. It's just that all that search will produce is more trips to "the usual' places.

Ask them to consider - in a given appelation, what is the impact of dry farming on 'terroir,' or how do styles of vineyard management in a given microclimate produce a better connection to 'terroir?' Anything but, "Here's another Premium Luxury wine that sells for 300 dollars a bottle, it must have terroir."

There are many great questions to ask beyond the usual, "Manfred, how do you keep making such dreamy terroir?"

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They are confusing terms for consumers. In the industry they have defined price points and names. Premium was for years anything over $15 and that was the highest level. Ultra Premium was invented to be over $25 about 8-9 years ago and Luxury showed up about 3-4 years ago to capture above $50. That made Ultra Premium $25-$50. Now there is also an Ultra Luxury for $75 and over.

Truth is in the industry there is little concern and tracking above Premium ($15-$25). It's a tiny part of the market in volume and absolute dollars.
Definately we will rephrase the concept.....from spanish to english sounds weird hahaha, thanks for the note!

Originally posted by The Cabernet of Doctor Caligari:
Just "being iconoclasm," no harm was meant to Max.

I do hope he can avoid cliche, however.

Terroir is a fantastic and infinitely interesting me.

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