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Originally posted by WineMaz:
Simple. Skip the shad roe, and serve your favorite wine.

Actually, the only time I've paired wine to sauteed shad roe, a Soave Classico Superiore Doc (crisp, clean white from the Veneto in Italy) was a nice complement.

for this old man who grew up near the chesapeake bay just below the sesquahanna flats, to skip shad roe this time of year would be akin to heresy. but thank you for the wine suggestion. i'm leaning more toward something a bit more assertive however ... either a spicey Rose nebiollo or a fruity Zin.
Originally posted by steve8:
OK, I'll give it a shot. Not something I have eaten but it sounds like it would be salty. If so, I think you need a rose to cut through that.

the roe, especially with bacon, is a bit salty, and it has been pointed out, has tastes not unlike good calves liver in some respects. Thanks for your suggestion. I'll consider a good spicey rose, but am leaning towards something red.
No doubt the answer to your question: BUBBLES !! Whenever you have a meal with extreme fat content(roe,bacon etc..) A sparkling wine is always a great choice. Bubbles cut through the fat and deepen those rich "fat" flavors.
A rose champagne or sparkling from Cal.(rose was mentioned in an earlier post) would be a fantastic choice.
If you really want to "do it right" at a relatively modest price(20-40$) I would HIGHLY recommend Schramsburgs rose sparkling from Cal.( Blanc de Noir I believe) It will really compliment your meal!!

Cheers, Adam

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