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Hi all!

I've recently finished the repairs in my apartment. No furniture yet. I need an advice or maybe some tips, where is the best place or the most interesting solution to store my wine bottles. I don't have many of them. But still, I like to look at them and I don't want to hide them.

Any thoughts appreciated as well as pictures

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You really need to provide a bit more information.  Are you looking for short-term storage of just your few bottles, and you are drinking and overturning your inventory a lot?  A nice wooden or modular wine rack in the kitchen would be very nice. has lots of wine racks that you can peruse for ideas.

Are you looking for longer term storage of your few, but really good wines?  A small wine fridge might work, that you keep in the kitchen.

Are you looking for long term storage of an ever increasing inventory of good bottles?  Then you might look into a high end wine cooler, like a Eurocave, that you might set up in the dining area or living room.

And if your apartment is tiny, but your wine inventory is growing (and you are putting down wines to age), you may wish to consider off-site storage as well.

@KateMidd posted:

I'm looking for a short-term storage, just for a few bottles I change from time to time. The airport is not very big. Additionally, I have a basement in my grandpa's house, so I have a space for a long-term storage.

The airport?  Well, that seems like an interesting apartment space!

For short-term storage, just keep them in a rack away from direct sunlight or other heat source (like a refrigraterator).  For mid-term storage, an interior space away from an exterior wall (with temperature fulgurations) would be fine.  It doesn't sound like long-term storage in your grandpa's basement is necessary, but it would help if you listed a few example wines that you like and want to store.

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