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I posted this request for information earlier under the subject of "wine coolers". This may have made people think I was asking for information on the drink, not the storage of wine. Therefore, I'm reposting this question as follows:

I know this subject is covered frequently, but I would appreciate input from people who have experience with these units. I want to buy a cooler with a capacity of 50+ or so bottles, and preferrably with adjustable shelves (I've been told metal shelving is better than wood for adjusting shelf height). I want it for storage of red wines only, medium to long term. It will go in a garage, so it doesn't need to be wisper quiet. I've been reading reviews online, and opinions are all over the map on just about every brand name.

Your recommendations would be very much appreciated.

Confused in California
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Stewy how long do you plan on keeping these wines, cause if it ain't very long I don't think it matters. If your planning on aging bottles of 1st growth then I would look into something nice, otherwise just pick up something cheap at Home Depot. Most units with a 50 bottle capacity are simply coolers and made for short term storage.
And I don't know of any ~50 bottle coolers that are insulated well enough to stand up to a Cali garage in the summer.

When you use the terms "medium to long term", what times frames do you have in mind? Because if you're looking to hold wines 10+ years, then you're going to find a 50 bottle capacity to be very limiting for your drinking selections and your ability to buy more over the years. If it's 2-3 years, then just use a cool interior closet.

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