Wine Spectator's Man of the Year!!!

Well, we're a month into the crowning of '01 Paloma as the WOTY, some controversy, some groaning of the huge price runup and now lack of availability, but a pick no less that hasn't generated huge reasonable arguments against, even on Ebob if you can believe that.
With that said, WS really should pick a Man/Woman of the Year like Time does, plaster him/her all over the cover, show really embarrasing baby and teen pictures, misquote him/her a time or two, and send 50 copies to his/her mother.
I think for 2003 there would be no argument, PYANG is no doubt, WS's Man of the Year. No other single forumite, on any board, has had a more positive impact on winos from all over the country than Pyang. I think he should be thanked with high honor, for going above and beyond the call of duty, all year long, for the grape.
I know my checkbook is hurting thanks to his endless persuit of expensive grapejuice!
Now I don't know if WS will get with the program and annoit this great honor as it rightfully should be disposed, but I surely would at least like to raise a glass to Pyang for giving this forumite a gift all year long that will not be forgotten.
Thanks Powell!
Big Grin Cool Smile
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I've only been a member for a short time; still, I'd like to comment on this topic:

1. I read the comments from Pyang and I enjoy
them. He is knowledgeable and seems to possess
a fine spirit.

2. I would also like to suggest another person for
WS Man Of The Year and his name is Grossie.

First, let me say that I am not being biased
because he is also a Chicagoan, well, maybe I
am just a little. Wink

But like Pyang, Grossie knows a good deal
about wine and seems very good at bringing
people together who love wine.

He was the first person to welcome me to the
boards which I appreciated very much.

His comments reflect a person who is willing
to share his thoughts without vanity or
indifference. Like Pyang, his interactions
with other forumites reflect a comraderie
that is infectious & entertaining.

3. There are other terrific 'winos' that come to
mind as well: DHGOYINS, LiquidJoy, R2D2,(a very
strange sense of humor Razz), and a wonderful
attorney in Baltimore. His name is Irwin.

I'd vote for all of them. CHEERS! Smile
I must say that, while flattered at DebAnne's mention, I don't hold a candle to Grossie, Board-O, and Pyang's wine knowledge.
Just as Time magazine selected a group of persons as "Man of the Year" (which I think they sometimes call "person" to be PC), I would pick the Chicagoans.
To enjoy wine with such panache, to write about it so well, and to continue to thrive in the wake of the Cubs playoff issue, is remarkable indeed.

Anyway, if it is the Chicagoans, then DebAnne gets included.



"Life is short.....start with the dessert."
I too vote for W.S's "Man of Mystery"!

He's like Bill Clinton. Everyone loves him! He was able to escape ahead of the game from the "Mistress Bubbles" scandal. He's devoted to his fans, and maybe he'll be our next President! Big Grin

Cheers Pyang!



So much little time!!!
Come on Pyang, you've been called out! Inquiring minds want to know! Razz Big Grin Give the low down about the King of Costco, the Duke of Dalia, the Prince of Pride, The Count of Calistoga, the Baron of Barnett, the Earl of Etude, The Viscount of Mt. Veeder...

(sorry friend, I couldn't resist! Razz Big Grin)

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My vote goes to the winemakers and grape growers who post so knowlegably and informatively on the technical side of growing grapes and vinification on these boards. In no particular order:
Vitis Vinifera
Peter Howland
Brian Loring
(and I apologise if I've missed anybody out)

The ultimate result of shielding men from the effects of folly is to fill the world with fools. -Herbert Spencer
I must admit that i am biased, but since this is a forum, may i suggest choosing a WS forumite of the year!

If this is agreeable to everyone then i second stealthman's choice as pyang for WS forumite in 2003.

My reasons for this choice are simple, pyang has given so much of himself and his time to so many, not only in California but throughout the country...

I like Pyang and I don't even know him, that's gotta count for something Smile

That isn't to say I don't like others of you, but that DJ Hombre kid, what is he ON? Big Grin Big Grin Razz

BTW: Pauly, I largely agree with you, but I think you forgot about Adam Lee who has ben very helpful on these boards.

I don't know if I deserve this honor, it's very debatable just as the 2001 Viader score. Razz Wink

However, in the light of this, I would like to nominate a Woman of the Year, with my vote going to cave girl. With honorable mentions goes to Sir Willy, and Queen of Hearts. Cool

Now, to answer a few questions from the peanut gallery. Wink

1. Pinot Envy, if you would be so kind to come up with a definition of Do You pyang? Could be interesting, but I am sure I am just asking for trouble on this one. Razz

2. I am in the wine business, currently working for Diageo Chateau & Estate Wines in the role of IRI Analyst - U.S. Market. Prior to this I was with Anheuser Busch, Inc.

3. As far as how much wine I buy a year, that's between me, AMEX, and Costco. Roll Eyes Razz Wink

4. Whirlwind Tour came about when red4life paid a visit back during Thanksgiving week of 2002. Basically it comes down to endless festivities of wine tasting and dinners, as much as one's liver can possibly handle. 2004 tour dates will likely take place in Walla Walla, Oregon, and of course here in Napa, with the possibility of venturing into Canada.
Anytime a traveling forumite visits Napa, I will be more than happy to setup a mini tour stop for you. Cool

2003 Whirlwind Tour
agree on your nomination and your comments have certainly caused me to open some books in the world of wine (the more you know, the more you need to know). I saw mention that you were considering a stop on your Whirlwind Tour for a location in Canada. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE consider Montreal. Sure it's cold, but let me be selfish and say......I BEG YOU!!!
Continued health and healthy drinking...don't keep us in the dark.
PS-moving to SF soon and will likely take you up on the mini Napa tour.
There is one problem with Pyang's nomination. This month's TAA looks to be the biggest bust (pun intended) ever for TAA. It will have the fewest number of participants as well as the lowest rating. Sorry PYang, I like you and all, but that was a bad choice.

Yes, but I came here for an argument.

Oh! Oh! I'm sorry, this is abuse.
Yes grossie, I have to admit that was not a good TAA choice. I made the decision based on tasting the 2001 Uvada, which is suppose to be a sister product of the Merilyn Merlot but just with different label, appraently it's not.

Otis is making you Chicagomites taste that wine this weekend, good luck. Wink

10 Buck kid, from the sound of it, you haven't seen a picture of Sir Willy have you?

2003 Whirlwind Tour
pyang, I have but 3 questions for you;

1) In the event that you do make it up to Canada next year, what is your appearance fee?

2) Is that "signed" pyang T-Shirt I saw for sale on EBay the other day truly authentic? And if so, is it from 1997 or 1999?

3) Is it or

I'm kind of new to all of this...but the other day we were cleaning out some of our old closets and I found a pyang rookie card in a dusty old shoebox. I'm a little short on juice right now, so I'm considering auctioning it off on here for the best bottles I get offered. Any interest out there???
Definition of pyang: verb - the act of drinking from a magnum or larger.

I vote for Pyang and Cave Girl. Now all we need is "winery animal of the year". No, not Pyang for this one too. My vote goes for the silly goat at Truchard.

He is not drunk who from the floor
can raise his voice to ask for more!
escape & oakville_al

As far as appearance fee goes, while not necessary, I gladly take tickets to a game vs. Lakers or Dodgers at your local arena/stadium. Wink

Seriously, I would really love to make it up to Canada somewhere if I get the chance, but isn't BYOB illegal up there at most or all of the restaurants? May be an issue we need to solve somehow.


Bird dude,

Easy there. Razz

I am hoping to make it for the 24th. As far as appearance fee goes for that event, maybe Mrs. TBird can arrange for Kelly Hu as my date for the evening. Big Grin

2003 Whirlwind Tour
Pyang would be a deserving choice for Man of the Year.

Seriously, I would really love to make it up to Canada somewhere if I get the chance, but isn't BYOB illegal up there at most or all of the restaurants? May be an issue we need to solve somehow.

Pyang, unfortunately it is illegal to BYOB at all restaurants, but if you make it up to my neck of the woods you won't need a restaurant...salmon on the BBQ, prawns, crab, oysters, and some great wine(s)...

I offer sound advice.
That's 99% sound and 1% advice
I'm voting for Otis. He has probably traveled to more far off places and had offlines with other members than anyone else on the board last year (England, Holland, Mexico, Australia and Napa to name a few). He also threw a killer Cellar Diminishment Party in 2003 and duplicated it in 2004. In between, he hosted a barbeque for Wine is my Life and numerous events for the Chicago Wine Mafia.


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