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Ok, I don't know if there is a standard format for this, so I figured I'm slow at work and take a chance here. It has been an interesting year here. New format on the site, new members. Lot's of energetic talk, debate, wine tastings etc.

Perhaps, we can put out 5 of our favorite members. Voters might consider some parameters on who they choose such as: Wine Knowledge, helpfulness to you or other members for advice, tasting note contributions, General fondness or friendship to the person or someone you generally find interesting THAT Adds some pop to the boards. Perhaps one person each that is strong in each catagory.

There are literally dozens of people here who I have enjoyed writing to and responding to here. We'll leave the thread open for one week (Dec 27th). The one who gets the most Votes (OUR TOP 5)at that time will be our Poster of The Year. We'll allow space for up to 5 honorable mentions, if you wish.


BOARD-O - My LI partner and wine master. Short and to the point posts.
GRUNHAUSER - My tag team partner against the "other side" over in MTH
FUTRONIC - Always informative and tasting machine
PYANG - Have learned so much about NAPA wines reading his posts and a helluva nice guy
WINE WIZARD - My most controversial pick, but the guys is Ratings and did spice up the board and caused many to scream into their computer.

Honorables: Louzarius, Greendrazi, Lentini (opposites attract), Sparil (how can you not like that chick), DRAB's notes are super. I wish this could be a secret ballot, but we can't do that, so let's do the best we can. I expect nothing in return for my votes. Be honest! All of you have been a joy to speak with though and look forward to a lot more. I don't do the 1000 post thing, so you have now gotten your props from me!

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Hunter, you're SWEET. Thanks.

Maybe you ought to consider one award per forum.

I don't know how I'd narrow it down and pick my favorites, but I'll just say thanks to everyone for answering my ignorant posts with thoughtful advice and tips.

(NO, I'm not talking about the MTH threads!)

(I have to admit having a certain affection for those guys - you know who you are - who intelligently argue the other side on MTH, every now and then throwing out some infuriating comment that keeps me coming back for more.)

Also a general thanks to everyone for not teasing me about my less-than-perceptive taste buds and slightly-lacking-tasting-note-authoring skills.

You're all Posters of the Year to me! Wink
Also in no particular order:

drab + board-o: without each other they are a little less than the sum of their parts. I would pay to attend an offline with them together. I'd pay a lot! Big Grin

futronic: my kind of wine drinker. has helped me incredibly with his notes alone. Cheers, fut! The Il Carb vertical is waiting. Smile

mwagner7700: Anyone who agrees with me this often must be an incredibly intelligent human. Wink

grunhauser: I disagree with him almost all the time in MTH, but love his dining and cooking posts. Come over to the light, grun..... Cool

Sapril Nguyen: Her adventures in the kitchen have made me laugh out loud more than anyone on this site. Razz

I think futronic deserves it more than anyone around. I just beat about the bush all year, while he was posting tasting notes like he was struck by lightning. Good work there, futronic! But then again, it's so frigging cold in Canada, what else have you got to do? Big Grin

On the other hand, i'm glad you fellas enjoy my culinary ramblings.
And I promise to be nicer Smile next year too. Cheers!

p.s. I'm off to cook lentils and sausages, and will post pictures before i dig in. Hope you had something nice to eat and to drink tonight. Smile
Hunter, great idea.
I’ve posted my opinion below for POTY, but also listed winners, IMHO, from each WS heading and a few other award winners from 2004. But there are sooo many great people on this board offering great wine advice - thanks to you all!

Wine Spectator POSTER OF THE YEAR - 2004
pyang - our “insider” to Napa wineries, the ambassador of good wine related posts, replies, off-lines, buying & selling, and the best wine related thread of the year “The Whirlwind Tour .“ Thanks for sharing your passion & profession with us.

Board-O is a very close runner-up. If he spent less time over at Vinocellar and more here, he would probably have won based on sheer volume alone.

Wine Conversations - pyang
Tasting Notes - Futronic - hands down winner
Dining and Cooking - Board-O - “The Chef” - Knows all, does all, eats all - this man’s been there
Buying and Selling - name withdrawn due to ATF concerns
Off-Line Events - pyang - and his band of Trouble Causing Forumites
Madder Than Hell - Francis S - like a moth to a flame

Special Awards for 2004
Newbie of the Year - Wine Wizard (but see next award)
Sleuth award - Hunter for exposing Wine Wizard aka pepseman
Best 1000th Post - Golf&Zin Nut
“Pin-up” of the Year - Sapril Nguyen
Winemaker Forum participant - MJ Neal, B Loring and P Howland - thanks guys & keep posting.
Special thanks to Howland for his unique sense of humor.

All awards below had to have been from threads created in ‘04
Most Viewed Thread of the Year
“2001 Neal Family-How Much Did This Board Buy??” Created by JimmyV on Jan 14, 2004. 273 replies with over 7200 views. Mark, you owe JimmyV a free case!

Best Wine Investment Thread of the Year
“2004 WS Wine of the year” By Baird 167 replies with 6822 views. As Baird told us in the first post, we all new it was down to the Rieussec vs. Clos Apalta - what were we thinking by not having bought a case of each before the issue came out?

The Polar Opposites Thread of the Year
“Wow, Laube sure was grumpy with some 2001 Cabs in the new issue” By Petrus with 183 replies and over 6974 views. Nobody was sitting on the fence in this one.

Worst Thread of the Year
“Mishy was kicked off ...” With a staggering 242 replies and over 6977 views in two short weeks, it was the worst train wreck by far. Finally came crashing down shortly after when Board-O said to Mishy: "This attention is for all the wrong reasons. Can't you understand that?"
1. I particularly like tlily's dissertations on the Rhone Valley and other abstract wine information.

2. J Henry's Dad for his heroic efforts to reason with the unreasonable

3. DRAB for his ability to start threads that push people's buttons

4. Board-O for his insight into mature wine.

5. Vino Me, which should be self-explanatory.

BTW, this is ranked-choice voting, right? I don't want to spoil the race. Eek Wink
Appreciate all, those who we've met in person and those I know only on the board, for information, advice, suggestions, comedy drama etc., if the award must be given, I have to agree with many who have already felt that Futronic deserves it.

From posting the most tasting notes, to single handedly helping so many board members with trips to Italy, he is the man.
Seaquam-The wittiest poster on the Board year in & year out.

T-Bird Bass- A lifetime achievement award for the best 1000th post. Retired in perpetuity.

Nirvana94- Our Right-wing voice of reason. He says he's from NY but I believe he's Raffle with a Spell-Checker.

I think Cheryl Tiegs is still a hotty. Classic beauty if you like 'em thin.
For the main thread, there can only be one...

(for his unwavering ability to taste and report eloquently and succinctly - when considering a purchase, I search his TNs BEFORE checking WS or RP scores! Smile) fut, don't forget us little guys when you make the deal for those notes!

For the thread within the thread...

Farrah Fawcett
(for bringing so much warmth to so many men/boys on that cold cold day that she posed for that poster Eek)
While we're voting, isn't it amazing that the manual recount of votes for Governor of Washington isn't over yet? They have counted 38/39 counties, with King County last.
Back to the topic:
If it is wine related, Board-O, Pyang and Futronic.
If it is politics, it would be cdr11 and grunhauser.
Best European poster: Markus Randall and Kicker
This is a no brainer.
The top 3 Posters of the year are.........

1) Wine Wizard- for in depth wine analysis and noble sharing of wine knowledge 2) Wine Wizard- for best wit and personality

3) Wine Wizard- for perfect use of the Queens English including spelling, grammar and syntax

All joking aside I have enjoyed corresponding with all here during the last few months. Most here are extemely wine savvy and are delighted to help fellow members with queries and quandaries.

The Wizard has not contributed anything on this forum except comic relief. (DA) (Which for some has translated to an annoyance)

I offer my apologies for those who I have offended (how many could there possibly be?) and hope to create a new accord between us, similar to what Nixon did with China. Smile
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