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I don't know of any ot the off strip stores that the locals would go to for good bargains an so forth.

However, I did see a neat wine shop in the shopping mall that connects the Mandaly Bay to the Luxor. It was called 55 degrees or 57 degrees or something like that. They had a wine tasting bar and a retail bottle shop. They had quite a good selection, including some older vintages. Everything was selling for full retail price, so don't expect any super bargains, but the prices did not seem any higher than full retail. The place had a hip atmosphere and was very upscale. I bought a couple bottles of 10 year old Bordeaux there and took them to a local restaurant with a corkage policy. Most of restaurants in the the fancy strip hotels in Vegas now have great wine lists, but they are charging huge mark ups in many cases, much more so than the
"regular" restaurnat mark ups.

Wish I knew of some others, but at least it's a start.
Ahem, hi Terps!!!

I was in Vegas just before Nashville, and while I was warned about the prices at 55 Degrees (not overly expensive...just not a deal!). As a Canadian, I was quite pleased at the selection since most of the stuff in stock is not even available here, with some bottles that were available here, but I missed out on. With a design that is ultra cool, lounge-type music playing, and a tasting bar, I was like the proverbial 'kid in a candy store'. Even if you don't buy anything, if you're at or near Mandalay Bay, you've gotta stop in.

The only other place I can recommend is the Wine Cellar in the Rio. The wine we had at dinner that night (at Fiore's) came from the Wine Cellar, which is located in the basement (!!!) of the casino - or is that one floor down from the slots? Walking through the store is like walking through a grotto or a cave, and they too have a good selection. They also have a tasting bar and I recall being surprised at what they were offering.

We were only there for 4 days with 4 other couples, so breaking away to hit the off-the-strip wine stores was pretty much out of the question.

Hope this helps!
Yes, now that you mention it, the Rio does have a nice wine shop. They had a huge wine list when I was there, which was a few years ago. The place at the Rio, at least when I was there seemed fairly quiet, and had a more intimate atmosphere for tasting. The 55 degrees, as was described by WineGuy, is an ultramodern very hip swanky type of place.
Lee's has a good selection, but prices are high. The store's name is Lee's Discount Liquor, but that really only applies to hard booze, not wine. Expect to pay anywhere from a couple bucks to a lot over suggested retail for most wines that are worth drinking. However, they do run specials on QPR type stuff that can be pretty decent buys. Not very knowledgeable staff, however, the manager at Flamingo and Fort Apache is from McMinnville, OR (my old neck of the woods) and cut her teeth on Oregon PN. Knows her stuff.

Las Vegas Wine is at LV Blvd and Silverado Ranch. OK selection of Cali and Oz wine, weak on others. OK prices. Dominic, the owner, is very knowledgeable.

The wine cellar at the Rio is very cool, same with 55 degrees at Mandalay Bay, but seriously upscale. Very pricey.

Montsant, if you're going to be staying at Zion Lodge, as we did, you might consider bringing in a picnic dinner or eating outside of the park. The Lodge dining room isn't too good. If you do decide to eat there, you can bring in wine as long as it has a Utah sticker on it.

Board-O---Right, you are! That "Utah sticker" shows that the wine was purchased from a Utah State Store, and all stores in Utah are State owned, and just a hidden tax for non-Mormons. As a resident of Utah for many years, I still have many wines with that "Utah sticker". Also, if I return to Utah, I will have to have a State Inspector count my collection and place a "Utah sticker" on each bottle of wine. And that means opening all OWC stored wine. Also, Utah has a 91% markup on wines, which has virtually taken them out of the Bordeaux First Growth business in Utah.

There are some painful trade-off's for a non-Mormon to live in Utah, and it starts with alcohol!

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