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My Fellow Forumites,

Here are a few of mine (not in any order):

1. To get the correct bottle when buying for TAA.

2. To make at least one trade in the Ice Winos Hockey League (sorry, I've neglected things for a month and have been reluctant to trade so far).

3. To attend an off-line event (this is tough because the opposition is truly against me on this).

4. To buy something from Vino Con Brio; I bug VV enough about it.

5. To buy something without referring to WS, the Boards or any other reference first; then report back to the Boards.

6. To take and post more notes.

What are your goals for 2004?


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I want to be able to show some restraint in the wine store. I am terrible for running in for a cheap $10 white for dinner with the inlaws with no intention of buying anything else, Yeah right! Just happened after Christmas,, I left the store $150 lighter and 5 bottles of Elderton 2001 Shiraz that I wasn't going to buy! Great wine BTW.
My goal is to drink less, but better. I'd rather drink one nice bottle a week and one very nice bottle a month, than a whole bunch of wines that I like, but don't love.

I also want to spend more time drinking those regions that I really like. This last year I did a lot of experimenting. While I will continue to try new things, I'm not going to try a new region every time I go to the wine shop. Too expensive and not always very satisfying.
melman, please email me at

goals.....hmm.....I'll say this on the consumer side of things......

-visit more high-end wineries
-make more discoveries
-continue building a nice horizontal of Aussie Shirazes
-get rid of the crap I've been collecting before 2003
-make it to more of the lower-key offlines

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