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I'm making a four course Italian dinner for my parents' anniversary in late June and I want the wine pairings to be perfect. I've got two sorted, need help with the other two -any recommendations would be much appreciated! 

First course- 

Shaved white asparagus salad with aged balsamic vinegar & sherry shallot vinaigrette

Wine - 2017 Hirsch Kammern Gruner Veltviner Kamptal (I love Gruner Veltviners as a light starting white wine, and I think they'd go great with white asparagus)

Second course-

Homemade cacio e pepe

Wine - any suggestions for a more full bodied white wine? The only wine off the table is Chardonnay...I just can't do it. 

Third course-

Osso Bucco

Wine - my favorite wine of all time, Domaine Tempier Bandol (2016). 

Fourth course-

Panna cotta with fresh strawberries

Wine - a sparkling wine, any recommendations? I also plan to serve a cheese, fruit, and honeycomb board soon after the panna cotta, so would like the sparkling wine to pair well with that, too. 


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For your second course I would probably go with a good Sauvignon Blanc from Trentino Alto Adige or Friuli.  (Peter Dipoli's "Voglar" is a good, reasonably priced example.)  Or Merry Edwards.  Or a Giacosa Roero Arneis.


For your desert I would probably go with the best Moscato d'Asti you can find.  I've always thought La Spinetta's Bricco Quaglia a decent version.  And you can usually find it under $20.

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