Any suggestions?

Disclaimer: I have never tasted seal; I have no intention of tasting seal in the foreseeable future; and I share this news item for information only, without endorsing or promoting the consumption of seal in any way whatsoever.
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That's what I have with whale.

That's not in the spirit of the protest.
Nothing from the EU.

From BC I suggest:

Tinhorn Creek Oldfield's Collection Syrah
See Ya Later Ranch Rover Syrah
Blasted Church, Church & State Syrah/Viognier


Break out the Bionic Frog (any Cayuse'll do)
Flipper pie is quite good. The meat is very dark (you have to let it sit/rinse it in cold water for a good 12+ hours to get most of the hemoglobin out - Cold water, LOTS of dark red blood...), it's gamey to be sure, but more like a darker, more tender/less "steaky" venison than anything else I can think of at the moment.

I would pair it with a Cote Rotie or CdP or maybe a heavier Burg. Certainly a heavier Old World wine...
Where would the world be without those oh-so-sneaky incognito activists at your local sushi resto?
The world is indeed a safer place now, surely. Roll Eyes

" During the October restaurant visit, animal rights activist Crystal Galbraith, 27, and a friend who spoke fluent Japanese racked up a bill of $600, feasting on increasingly exotic dishes to gain the confidence of the waiters and chef. "It was heartbreaking to eat an endangered animal, but I knew that I was doing it to save" the whales, said Galbraith, a vegan. "We were there eating for four hours. I felt so full and sick.""

Now I think I'm going to be sick...
Canada is not better when it comes to spending bucket-loads of time and money on everything but real issues.

Politics...pretty much the same most anywhere you go.
Interesting that they got busted specifically for serving an endangered species. I completely agree that any harvesting or killing of endangered species is unacceptable, except for the bare minimum required for scientific research.

That raises a question: is it legal to sell or purchase non-endangered, non-threatened species of whale in the USA?
I don't believe so.

There's a moratorium on all whaling, except for that which is licenced by the government for scientific research. (The research in question apparently being "how many whales can we kill and still get away with it?")
So unless the US government has issued any licences the meat has been caught and/or imported illegally. Even if the US government has issued licences, any whales killed "shall be dealt with in accordance with directions issued by the Government by which the permit was granted" - which probably doesn't include selling them in sushi bars.

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