We are the wine-bearing dinner guests this weekend where the entre is pork loin. That is all I know.


I assumed, perhaps mistakenly, that a Pinot Noir would go well, but I rarely see it mentioned in most pork/wine pairing searches. I and the host's wife are red wine drinkers; my wife and the host/cook are white wine drinkers.

My wife is hopelessly stuck on Sauvignon Blanc, so I probably will just take that as the white and make my choices easier.

The question is what varietal of red (sot specific vinterns, please, since I will not have a lot of time to shop around). In my cellar and within reach:
Rosse di Montalcino
Brunello do Montacino
Chianti Classico
A variety of Toscana IGTs
Several '05 Bordeaux
Oregon Pinot Noir
CA Zinfandel
CA Cabs and Meritage
Chateauneuf de Pape

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Is it BBQ'd or is it my favorite, roasted with apples, sage and calvados and finished with some Crème fraiche)? Or something in between?

I think you need to know exactly (or approximatly) what they are doing with it before you decide on wine.

If I have to go with one wine, I'd say an Alsace white, not too sweet of one and with a bit of age.

The bit of sweetness will stand up to most sauces (BBQ included) and the wine is just a natural pairing with pork.
Ah...a vintern is a vintner when you type too quickly and don't proof-read.

Originally posted by Berno:
What is a vintern?

There is also a Dining and Cooking Section in these forums for future reference.

Pinot would be my pick to bring to the party.
Well, I went with a PN after all that. the varietal choice was good, but the wine itself was a disappointment. Jim Ball Boonville PN 2007. I had an off-putting chemical nose to it at first, woody and very dry cherry, almost no spice at all, and lacked the smoke finish that I often look for. It paired fine with the pork loin from a varietal standpoint, but it just never seemed to wake up the whole night. Yet another K&L Wine Merchants recommendation that fell flat for me.

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