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I'm going to cook a pea soup this Saturday and I would like some sugestions for wine to go with it.

It's a creamy soup whose main ingredient is (of course) peas. But also curry, mint and a little curry goes into this lovely thing.

I was thinking about serving an Alsace Pinot Gris, but maybe someone has got a better suggestion? Please, any suggestions are welcome.

Thanks in advance.

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if its like a split pea soup, with the curry spice you mentioned and maybe stuff like chopped bacon, garlic, etc... might wanna try a red, a fruity Northern Rhone like a Cote-Rotie to contrast the spice, or even a spicy Southern Rhone to compliment the curry spice... i've been experimenting with Rhone blends/CA red blends and spicy/asian foods. they can be wonderful matches, or world's apart, best to start with both wines & foods that you already know what they taste like.
Hi kumazam,

Thank you for your prompt reply. I think your suggestion is fine for spicy soups. But in fact this soup is not spicy. It's basically a pea soup with just a touch of curry and mint. So I don't think that a red would match this soup very well. It should not overpower the rather delicate taste of the peas. If it at the same time could interact positively with the curry touch, it would be great. Maybe a good Chardonnay? Chablis, white Burgondy?

Welcome, Mads, to the WS board. There are quite a number of Scandinavians on the board.
We also have a number of Canadians, and pea soup is a classic dish of Quebec, so perhaps one of our Quebecois can answer.

My own preference is a Chablis or some other White Burgundy.


"Life is short....start with the dessert."

dont be so quick to count off bold reds with dishes u think they wouldn't go with - extreme fruit can bring out extreme contrasts to fruit when paired right. theres something to be said for trying new things.

FYI - the best pairing advice i ever got was "a wine u really like" w/ "food you really like". almost never fails... though u wont be seeing me eating Udon w/ Bordeaux anytime soon. Wink
Hi all,

Thanks for all your kind suggestions.

Yesterday, I made the pea soup, and it was very delicious (I would like to challenge you on that one, Board-O ;-) Anyway, I ended up choosing an Alsace Gewurtztraminer. I like both pea soup and Gewurtztraminer but I have to say that they did not match very well. Next time I think that I'll try a good Chardonnay instead.

Your first instinct, the Pinot Gris, probably would have been pretty good, but to get the best match you have to put your finger on the flavors of your food. So we ask the deep, philosophical question, "What is pea soup?"

More seriously, you are serving something with creamy, soft flavors, and a touch of natural sweetness. So the wine should have the body to stand up to the weight of the soup, and only quiet flavors. It should match the slight sweetness. My choice would be the Austrian Pinot Blanc which they call Weissburgunder. If you have a description of one, and it mentions toasted oak, all the better, because as all cooks know, smokey flavors go with split pea soup. Even without the oak, the soft, nut-like overtones in a Weissburgunder make it an excellent choice.

Too much vanilla-tasting new oak, as in many California Chardonnays, would probably clash with your soup, but if you choose carefully, remembering what you're looking for, you could probably find a Chardonnay that would work well, also. Good luck in your search.

P.S. I just did a little Internet research, and there is a decently reviewed, very inexpensive Weissburgunder that should be easier to find than most. It's called Klosterkeller Siegendorf Weissburgunder Kabinett. It's made by the best-distributed Austrian winery, Lenz Moser, and vintages 2000, 2001 or 2002 should be fine.

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I have to admit that I don't much like white wine under the best of circumstances, so I would go with a young, light to medium bodied, fruity red. Nothing too oaky or tannic. A medium bodied Cote du Rhone, like E. Guigal CdR 2000, or a tempranillo or blend like the Borsao Campo de Borja 2001/2002. These also work well with spicy soups. If your soup is particularly subtle, you might want to go with a ligher CdR or tempranillo.

Of course, if you want to impress, a nice burgundy or pinot noir wil do nicely, too.

Board-O is just a critchety old curmudgeon and doesn't know the comfort of a thick pea soup on a cold winter's day. That and thick slices of hot, buttered toast ... and Danes make a mean butter!

Next time I'd like to suggest something quite different ... what about trying a White Port? Well chilled (say 10 deg) (Celsius for our US readers) and let it open as you drink the soup. Some nice fresh crusty bread (rather than the toast).

And White Port be cheaper than a good spaetlese Riesling. It also goes extremely well with an ox-tail soup, indeed any robust soup.

Soups are why I enjoy winter (not to mention pruning), and soup-time is only two months away!!!
Originally posted by Board-O:
I wouldn't think of wine with pea soup because I wouldn't eat pea soup. God couldn't make good pea soup.

Just one more sip.

Oh come on Board-O, would you not eat your split pea & ham soup in a box, or with fox, or

how bout with a mouse, in a house?

Or will you just not eat them Sam I am.

Big Grin

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