Beer would likely be easier (and safer), but I am looking for possible reds and whites to match with Hungarian food: beef goulash, chicken paprikash, spaetzle, Transylvanian goulash (pork & sauerkraut) stuffed cabbage... Any suggestions? Thank you.
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What kind of goulash? Are you using cream or sour cream or none? My wife is in Hungary right now and she's having a veal goulash. Good timing on your question because she just e-mailed me the same question today.

I can tell you what I have when in Hungary and what our Hungarian friends serve - whites or reds.

I know, sounds like a wise ass answer but it's not. They generally don't make the same fetish over the pairings that we do in the States. Partly that's because until recently they didn't have the selection, but partly it's because pretty much everyone has a little Olaszrizling growing out back and they made some wine that's in the cellar.

The wines from Hungary are better than ever and there are a few decent ones that are now imported to the US, so you can try some. IMO, a really austere white, like the single vineyard wines from Szepsy and Demeter and Bott isn't as good a match as one with a bit of RS. But that doesn't mean a sweet wine or a late harvest. Just one that's not bone dry.

For reds, we've had Takler's wines from Szekszárd many times with goulash. He has a number and I think he still makes a Kékoportó, or Portugieser, that's pretty good. Has some acidity and it's a relatively light-bodied wine.

Atilla Gere in Villány makes a good Merlot called Solus, and a blend called Kopár Cuvée that's basically a Bordeaux blend and we've had those with goulash but they're a bit big. He also does an Olaszrizling that's a good match.

There were some decent wines from Vylyan in Villány. You may be able to find their Pinot Noir, I know it was imported at one time. And they have a lot of other wines - Belzebub is a blend of Zweigelt, Blaufränkish and I think Kadarka and/or Cab or Merlot. Their wines tend to be somewhat ligher on the oak than some and can be quite good. If you're up in Wisconsin, I think the Konyaris had an importer up there - their Loliense is really quite wonderful and the white is a great match with goulash - it's a blend of several grapes.

If you can find it, try the dry Hárslevelű from Alana. They are a top tier producer and pretty much anything they make is good, some is even great. Or have their dessert wine.

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Thanks for the advise. The request was actually in preparation for a restaurant in CT that I will be going to in a few weeks. I'll look to seek one or two of those out and try to keep in mind the wine profiles to pull some from my cellar. Maybe a Spatlese, a Syrah, and medium (new world?) Bordeaux blend to start?
Open to more suggestions too.
Would love to find some of those wines, but have yet to find any when i visit Madison, WI. Will spend some time again looking around for these producers. Am part Hungarian from my Oma's side, so i've always had a few bottles of Hungarian wine in the cellar.
So if you can't get something Hungarian, think of what is in the stew. If there's veal and cream and such, what would a good German or Austrian pair with such a dish? And if there's some kind of cabbage involved, same thing. A lot of times there's caraway in the stew - that is such a strong flavor you need a strong wine to stand up. If there isn't a lot of caraway, maybe it's easier.

Seems like an acidic white would work - Riesling or a good Gruner Veltliner or something of that nature. If you can find a good young Zweigelt or Blaufrankish w/out oak and with good acidity, that seems like it would work.

Or it might even be more fun to pair something else. I bet you could probably find a Syrah from the Central Coast in CA that isn't over oaked and that has a little bit of a rustic touch, or maybe something from Italy that's similar?

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