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On Superbowl Sunday I'm going to make my usual Tex-Mex Chili (that's what the recipe calls it). I use a good cut of sirlion steak, browned and simmered in water and then shredded in the sauce. The sauce is made with tomato puree, onion, garlic, chili powder, oregano, cumin, crushed red chili pepper and yellow corn meal. Cook the mixture for about 45 minutes. What I like about this recipe is alot of meat, thick sauce and no beans.

I'm looking for some wine suggestions to go with it. In the past we always had a Cab or beer. I just picked up the Montes Alpha Syrah and have some Cabs and Chianti Classico's on hand, but will be buying some more wine before sunday.

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In an attempt to please everyone this year, I will be consuming the following at my Supperbowl (sic) party this year:

beer, ice cold
wine, red, cheap S American plonk
rye+gingers, don't skimp on the lime wedge

I have taken Monday an Tuesday off from work to recoup and de-gas.

Fashion tip: wear pants with expandable elastic band waistline.

Originally posted by Hunter:
Geez, it's just a football game. Wink

So true. we don't even watch the game (background noise and halftime show only), but it's a good excuse for a day-long party in the crappiest month of the year. We eat, drink, have a foosball tournament. It's off-the-hook fun. On Monday I'll find out who won. Big Grin

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