The best pairing for classic Beef Stroganoff is a Merlot, especially a heavily oaked one.
The soft tannins of the Merlot work well with what the sauce does to the beef.
A well aged Cab based Bordeaux would work well too (again, soft tannins).

If you use a lot of mushrooms and a little more pepper, an old world style Syrah would work well to.

Would not use:
Zinfandel (unless you use a lot of pepper)
New world style Shriaz (or fruit forward)
Pinot Noir
As a coincidence, I went home yesterday evening to a meal of Beef Stroganoff. Remembering this thread and the lack of consensus on a wine match, I went for safety and opened a Spanish Cava.

The Cava was a suitable partner, but I kept thinking about a Cab Franc - in my mind it was a perfect match.

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