I'm looking for some different options other than than a buttery chard to pair up with Lobster tails and/or King Crab Legs.

I might end up doing the Chard (as one of the wines atleast), but I thought I would ask what other people have paired up with Lobster and Crab that worked well.

I'm sort of looking for varietal advice and if one wants to toss in a region along with the varietal that would be great!

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I was thinking about Champagne. We have a few choices here, unfortunately Krug is not one.

I have heard the black label Lanson (I believe) WS gave 91 or 92 pts and I have been itching to try it. This might be the night for it.
what grun said, a Rose is wonderful in my opinion with Lobster/Crab - just enough sweet to go with the subtle saltyness of the food...

though i have to admit, this is one time i dont mind a buttery thick CA Chard
The only Rose option is the Pol Roger 1996 Rose. While I have had this and was pretty good, it wasn't ready IMO. This one needs more time. Our Rose Champagne options here are pretty much nil.

I believe I also could pick up the 1995 Pol Roger Champagne (non Rose).
My first choice would be a Chardonnay or Champagne, but a dry Riesling or Sauvignon Blanc would also be fine.
My first choice would be a Chardonnay or Champagne, but a dry Riesling or Sauvignon Blanc would also be fine.

Yep, Board-O has it covered.
Friday night (for our 3rd Anniversary) we had Mushroom capped escargo, king crab legs and lobster tails with fresh garden baby potatoes with butter and dill and fresh garden carrots. This evening turned out great other than I started to come down with a cold and could not taste everything 100%.

We ended up pairing it with a 1995 Pol Roger Reserve Champagne. What a great pairing!

Thanks all for your suggestions.
I'm with irwin. Chablis cuts right through butter and is my "go to" wine for King Crab (which is always so tantalizing when I walk by it at Costco).


I wish I could have gone with a White Burg as an option. Unfortunately our selection of Chablis at our liquor store totals 1. Frown and it isn't all that good.

Very sad.
I'm surprised that no one mentioned viognier, either condrieu or a big New World one, like Calera. Though my first choice would also be a big buttery New World chard.

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