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welcome to the boards.
We drink a fair amount of champagne around here. Typically, it is in the nature of an aperatif before dinner, but I think champagne goes nicely with seafood, so long as it is not heavily spiced (Like lobster fra diavolo).
I think that statistically 85% of all champagnes/sparklers in America are consumed between Thanksgiving and New Years. We try to do our part to consume it the rest of the year too.


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I love sparkling wines (esp. Blanc de Noir) with almost anything. But that's me.

I would pair with something that has a nice buttery cream sauce, or a fair amount of cheese. Foods with a fair amount of fat are cut nicely with sparklers. Amazingly, french fries are a great combination with sparkling wines - homemade, of course, not frozen or from a fast-food place!

What's your bottle? Two of my recent favorites are Gloria Ferrer and Schramsberg...
thanks for the reply. the bottle is actually a gloria ferrer nonvintage blanc de noirs. my red wine experience started with pinot noir, skipped merlot and went straight to cabernet. i have always like the pinot noir, though. thought it would be fun to start the sparkling wine experience with blanc de noirs. i cant wait to try it.


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