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Chocolate is a great way to hide flaws in wine, so you should consider it a big red flag if you see it in a tasting room.

In the same way, it can really mute what's special about expensive wines, so I wouldn't go spending a lot on a wine to pair with it. (I'm not saying you'll find your best pairings with any random cheap wine, either.)

Generally, fruitier wines with decent tannins are best.

I've never opened a wine to go with chocolate (though I have, of course, with chocolate based desserts), but we'll sometimes break out some chocolate to enjoy with already opened wines after a meal.
Originally posted by billhike:
Friends and I have enjoyed dark chocolate (70% or higher) with loamy Chilean reds such as Montes Alpha Syrah and Santa Rita Medalla Reserve Cab . Not sure what seems to make them go together, but IMO they pair well.

Seriously? I'd never have thought to try this. I have some tucked away, and will give this a try. Smile
Dark Chocolate & Cab Franc is one of the better pairings I've found. The dark chocolate brings out the like characteristics in the Cab Franc. I love chocolate but don't always find wines that are great together because the % of cocoa is either too much or not enough.
Now, some white chocolate's with bubbles is pretty damn good as long the chocolate is not too sweet, about 31% is ideal.

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