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Eek At least the countries are correct! I was at a different restaurant in that area a couple of years ago and asked to see a '97 Castelgiocondo BdM on their menu, which they had at a reasonable price. The waiter brought it to me, lo and behold, a 2002. Ugh. We ended up staying with beer and a NV Champy that was a pretty good deal.
Originally posted by Vinters:
LOL! I know!

The restaurant itself was really nice... but I almost choke when I see the wine menu... specially the prices... I thought to myself "maybe I should sell them my two '05 Ch Margaux bottles and that will pay for the whole trip..."

Well, at least dinner was really nice...

Have found the in the travels to Mexico, that the the lists are suspect, over priced, nitges never right, and as for storage conditions. Nuff Said,

Stay with beer

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