tomorrow night a friend's wife is making
"cinnamon chicken...includes garlic and parmesan cheese"

Wine match suggestions out there?
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That's funny, the first thing that came to my mind was Pinot Noir. Of course, that's almost always the first thing that comes to mind. Smile

I think the Gewurtz might be a good choice too.
Haha, I like the pinot with the garlic and parm, but that Cinnamon really throws me for a curveball. Seems like a tough pairing either way, I just feel that sharp whites would have greater success against the cinnamon than a red.
Almost any red or white will be fine. I'd avoid the most tannic or heavy reds. I might go with a Rielsing with a little sweetness to it, but you'd have to try hard to find something that would be a bad match.
Originally posted by PurpleHaze:
I'd try a nice old Barolo. Might be nice.


A bit more oomph than a Pinot and a Rhone may be a bit OTT. Nice choice, IMO,
I'll take an Alsatian wine and a Benziger Chardonnay reserve which is lightly oaked.
Thanks to all.
Barolo? PH: Are you kidding?
Best case would be to have a toss green salad with tangerine and Dijon vinaigrette just before this chicken.

This could be a really bad combo if you don't know her hand, meaning, is she heavy handed with the cinnamon, garlic and Parmesan cheese.
If she is the cinnamon can get really hot (ever had a cinnamon roll with to much cinnamon), I think people use way to much garlic, it's like using to much oak (Dosmistic Oaky Cali. Chad), and a good aged Parmesan that can have some serious flavors.
On the palate:
A Chablis with the cinnamon will get really hot.
Domestic Chard w/heavy garlic bad news. Now add the cinnamon, cheese and chicken fat.

You know I'd leave this one alone or juice everyone before hand.

I do a lot of wine pairings for customers and I've learned somethings are best left alone.
Sure like to know the outcome of this dinner.
Please keep us posted.

I just had the 2003 Las Rocas VV (Granacha) recently and that wine always seems to have a spiciness on the palate and an orange/grapefruit rind-spritz finish regardless of the vintage. That may complement with the cinnamon and should work with the rest of the flavors in the dish.
Decided ultimately to go with the 2006 Benziger Chardonnay Reserve and .....drumroll.....a 2007 Grayson Cellars Merlot.

Anyway, we started with some nice Champagnes...A Pommery NV and a 2000 Pertois Moriset. These went well with some goat cheese and crackers.

The chicken, with the cinnamon, parmesan and garlic was quite good actually, and I think the pairing with the Chardonnay worked reasonably well. Served with broccoli and couscous. The garlic was subtle.
There was a guacamole salad, with tomatoes, black beans, and various other things, but it was either not dressed or very lightly, so it was quite nice.
Dessert was a simple mild lemon cake and some chocolates. We opened the Merlot at dessert time and it was a reasonable match as well.

Thanks to all for suggestions.

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