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Hello all, I need some help with a wine list choice. We are going out to dinner tonight at Pearl a relatively new restaurant in London and the wine list looks to be quite expensive. However, they do have a wine that has peaked my interest. It is the 2004 Syrah, Poker Face, Sine Qua Non. It is listed at £196 which is a lot. Has anyone had this wine? I know that Parker loves it and was wondering if anyone had any commments with regard to the wine or the cost of it. In todays exchange rate, this wine is $400. Any comments?
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Hi Bob,

I did see a lot of very good feedback on the wine and the price was pretty competitive. So we went for it. I did post a tasting note for it but haven't figured out how to attach it here.

It had an awesome nose of dark fruit with hints of coffee bean. This is a very fruit forward wine with lots of jammy blackberry notes with some mocha. I found it lacked structure. Looking through the cellar tracker reviews, not everyone feels this way. The finish was very long and jammy.

I think due to the lack of structure it did not go well with the food we had. We enjoyed the bottle after our mains with some cheese and thought it performed better.

I don't feel disappointed with the bottle because I wanted to experience this wine. However, I just don't feel this wine is in my preferred style.

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