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G'day all...

Just wanted your advice on a wine storage question.

I live in the Philippines, where the average temperature is easily between 24-32 degrees celsius. As you can imagine, not ideal for storing wine. I can't afford at the moment to purchase a proper temperature controlled wine chiller, so what I have been doing is keeping my meager wine collection in a small dark corner of my closet.

Am I doing the right thing? Any advice on where else I can keep my wines as not to spoil them?


"Carpe Vinum!"
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Board-O is right. At the low end of that spectrum (24c=75f) you can keep some wines around for a few weeks with little harm but on the high end (32c=90f) your wines will cook rather quickly. In either case you really should just buy wines that you will drink soon as that temperature range is not conducive to long or even mid-term storage.

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