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Just saw the latest Nicholson movie, Somethings Got To Give, and noticed in an early dinner scene that they weren't just drinking Turning Leaf Chardonnay. Someone on the set has to be a Burgundy nut because they were serving a bottle of Domain Bonneau Du Martray Corton Charlemagne. Nicholson also recounts purchasing an entire auction lot of Chateau Margauax at a Christies during the meal.

My favorite movie wine scene though is the exchange about wine drinking between Walter Matthau & Glenda Jackson at a beautiful mountain terrace restaurant overlooking Salsburg in the wonderful action-comedy Hopscotch. In a later scene Jackson proclaims "mine was never gin and ginger ale, Montrachet 69' next to the beer" in response to Matthau asking "your's is gin and ginger ale?"

Any other cool wine moments from movies?
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A columbo episode with Donald Pleasence is totally centered around wine. Great wine talk in that one. They talk about it throughout the whole episode. Donald Pleasence was the winemaker and of course the likeable "soon to be caught" murderer. Columbo pulling out 100 year old french wine out of their racks with one hand and seeing Donald Pleasence's reaction to it was really funny.

Ending was great too. Columbo finally nails him and then they are sitting in the car, getting ready to go to the police station. Columbo poors a glass for both of them in the car and the episode ends.
No discussion about wine and movies is complete without a few James Bond references.

There's a scene in Diamonds Are Forever, for instance, where Bond identifies the sommelier as an imposter because the sommelier doesn't know that Mouton Rothschild is a claret!

Natalie MacLean wrote a great article on wines in movies: LINK.
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My wife and I watched Intolerable Cruelty lsst night (yawn!!!) However, when Clooney and the girl from Entrapment with the nice booty Wink are having dinner, they do something like this:

Waiter: Something to start- perhaps some wine
Clooney: Red
CZJ: French
Clooney: Bordeaux
CZJ: Chateua Marguax
CLooney: '57?
CZJ: '59!
CLooney: '54
Waiter: Good choice.


Again- the movie was boring. And I missed Homer beating up Simon. Mad
This has come up before.

Arachnophobia always comes to mind. Jeff Daniels fighting the spider in his cellar trashing the whole thing. Eek Then at the end, while back in CA, his bottle of Bordeaux falls on the floor from an earthquake.

I have noticed one thing though. In most movies, they are always drinking white wine. Confused

...not an exact quote, but in "The Jerk" Steve Martin says, "What's with this old stuff?", "bring the freshest bottle you have!"

Cheers to GrapeFriends!
Anybody remember the TV series, CRIME STORY? Gangsters and G-men. There was a hood named Paulie (what else?) whose boss Luca (who else?) made him the head of beverages at the casino (where else?). Anyway, Paulie one day came to his boss and complained about this new employee whose name he kept seeing on invoices, but had never seen in the casino.........Dom Perignon.

The scene in Dirty Rotten Scoundrels where Michael Caine is teaching Steve Martin how to spend his money. He takes Steve down to his wine cellar and explains that he owns all these wines, and they have this exchange [I'll paraphrase]:

Steve: So you have all this wine to drink.

Michael: Oh, I'd never drink this wine, they are worth too much.

Steve: So you sell them?

Michael: Oh, I'd never sell these wines, they mean far too much to me.
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Without question, my favorite wine scene was from the 1993 movie, "Schindler's List", when Oskar Schindler (Liam Neeson) was ordering the wine for the German Officers, about 10 minutes into the movie:

"1928, 1929 Latour"? A Margaux? How about a Burgandy? 1937 Romanee Conti?

Another wine moment was from the 1971 "A New Leaf", when Walter Matthau, a broke NYC Playboy with an appetite for luxury, must date the unsophisticated but wealthy Elaine May. Enjoying the wine, she states, "Yes, but have you ever tasted a "Mogan David Heavy Malaga Cooler"? The snobbish Matthau look was priceless!
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can't remember the name of the movie, something about Angels and things, with Val KIlmer as an international spy for hire. in one scene he orders what i believe was a very , very old bottle of Chateau d'Yquem in a small restaurant and waiter makes a "don't-tell-me-you-can-afford- it" face and states the price, after which Kilmer reaches inside his pants and pulls huge wad of cash out of his underwear and hands it to waiter - classy! Big Grin

Free Martha!
My personal favorite movie wine quote / conversation of all time, from Ratatouille...

Skinner: Toasting your success, eh, Linguini? Good for you.
Linguini: << Looks at his glass >> Oh, I just took it to be polite. I don't really drink, you know.
Skinner: Oh, of course you don't. I wouldn't either if I was drinking *that*. But you would have to be an idiot of elephantine proportions not to appreciate this '61 Château Latour, and you, Monsieur Linguini, are no idiot. Let us toast your non-idiocy!
2014 My Old Lady featuring Kevin Kline and Maggie Smith where she play a swift 92 year old lady with lots of wisdom.

Her key to become that old is precision and wine.

Sitting at the dinning table she educates her vis a vis that Gigondas are best around 10 years. Any younger and the Syrah overpowers the Grenache and after 10 years the alcohol overpowers everything and everyone.

After taking a sip she takes a big sigh and proclaims "a bit young, what a pity"

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