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More in the ways of:

Riesling ----> Trimbach Reserve

Cabernet Sauvignon ----> ....

Basically, what you would let someone try if you want to explain what, let´s say, a Merlot tastes like.

that would be very tough.

We've had many arguments on this board about what people can taste and what they can't taste about the specific varietal qualities.

Take riesling for examaple, even trimbach has a whole range of different reislings that really do taste different from each other, yet they're all reislings.

Take a Cabernet, a napa cab won't necessarily tastes like an Aussie cab won't tastes like a new zealand cab.

the only thing i would really recommend is to find a house that has alot of varietals from the same wine maker and try that. You'd see a general difference, but to nail down "this wine is textbook merlot" I'd ask from where and from who?

But, I myself have a like for Robert Weil Rieslings, for instance, and within all of the limitations you pointed out, I believe one could take any of their bottles and stick it under the nose of someone who doesn´t know Riesling, to acquaint this person with a good example of that variety.

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