Wine Fridge Help - Replace U-Line

Hi - 

Our old wine fridge just broke down so I am in the market to purchase a replacement and wanted to see if folks had recommendations / advice to consider when going about this purchase. 

For reference, I am currently replacing a built-in 24 inch U-Line model 2075WCS (looks like my unit is 10+ years old).  From chatting with U-Line, the comparable current model is the 1224WCS model.  

Do people think it is worthwhile to just go with the updated version of the U-Line or should we look at other models?  I know the U-Line is pricey (close to $2k) any thoughts / opinions would be most appreciated!

Finally, how hard is it going to be to replace one built-in with another built-in?  do I need professional help or should it be easy?


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