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I have a Wine Spectator Signature series dual zone wine fridge. I cannot find who the manufacturer of the fridge was. Wine Spectator does not know. I need it repaired or replaced. I am wondering if anyone has any ideas on who I might call to get it repaired? I have had a few appliance people tell me that they need the manufacturer to work on it. Since I don't know that I am at a standstill. Any help would be appreciated.Wine Fridge 1Wine Fridge 3Wine Fridge2


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I assume it's the cooling unit that failed? Can the cooling unit be removed? Does the cooling unit have a manufacturer's label or any other identifying info on it (serial number, product code, etc.)? 

I would expect that the cooling unit is manufactured by a different company than the rest of the unit.

Your photos are too small to identify what it says on the front of the cooling unit.

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