I am stopped drink and have to sell all wines. Any reasonable offer to my e-mail jorkerlin@yahoo.com will sell at once by first come.
95 6b Arrowood Syrah saralee.1996 6b BacioDivino
96 6b Arrowood syrah saralee. 1997 1b Pride cab
96 3b Araujo Cab half bottle. 1998 2b Pride Cab
96 3b Araujo Syrah. 1996 18b Robert Craig
97 9b Delinger Syrah. 1996 6b Tom Eddy
97 24b Paloma merlot. 1998 6b Pride Rsrv Cab
95 3b Palhmeyer cab. 1996 6b Beneh&hitchcork
97 5b Harlan Maiden.95/96 Von Strasser Cab Rsrv

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I might be interested as well. Please e-mail me your price list: calwineguy@hotmail.com.

I'm in the L.A. area as well, so it would be easy to pick-up...


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