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Is there a proper order to consuming different varietals at one sitting?

In other words...let's say that I am having a dinner party with different courses. The wines being served are a champagne, a Soave Classico (apertif), a chardonnay, a pinot noir, a cabernet and a sauternes. Is there some wine etiquette that says you must start with the champagne, followed by the whites, followed by the reds, and ending with the dessert wine?

I understand that it's best to match varietal with the particular food you are serving, but what of a "proper" order? Thanks!
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In general you proceed from lighter to heavier wines, dryer to sweeter. The only common exception we make to this is Sauternes with a foir gras appetizer, but we laways serve a palate cleanser after that dish.

If you want to see why, try tasting a Pinot Noir after a Sauternes. The heaviness and sweetness of the Sauternes, just that minimal amount in the motuh after even a sip or two of water, will mask the expansiveness and subtle nuances of the Pinot Noir.

We were at an offline in NYC years ago. Twelve of us had 13 bottles of wine on the table. I loved a 2000 Albert Mann Grand Cru Furstentum Vieilles Vigne Gewurtztraminer and kept my glass of it and sipped it during the meal. When I tasted the '99 Martinelli Reserve PN, one of my all-time favorite CA PNs, after a sip of the Alsatian, I missed all the charm of the PN.
i don't follow etiquettes just because some one made it Razz,

it depens on if i/we like to open a special bottle especialy if it is a sweet wine and vintage port.
our thougt is "why dink it at last only because it's a roule or because it's the most massive wine from the evening, we rather open and at lesat enjoy half of it wile the sences and brain are fully intact!

so sometimes we start with the port, than a riesling than a bubbly (rarely we drink bubbly's) than reds than sweet than maybe the rest of the port.

the most important thing is to make shure to clean up youre tong, by drinking whater or eat somthing or just let pass a litle time.

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