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Had VM and Lady VM over for a great evening of wine tasting, food, and conversation. Here are the highlights:

Wild Mushroom and Goat Cheese Bruschetta
Charles Heidieck Millesime Brut Champagne 1990
TN: Toast with honey, fruit, citrus, vanilla with a nice finish. Elegant. So sad it was my last bottle. Drinking fabulously now. 94.

Smoked Oyster Cream Cheese Wontons
Turley "The White Coat"
TN: Roussanne/Viognier blend from Rozet Vineyard in Paso Robles and the Alban Vineyard in Edna Valley. 16% alcohol. Good floral bouquet. Full bodied wine with hints of honey, gun flint, and a nice long finish. Held up well with the smoked oysters. Didn't notice any heat in the finish. Still some left - what will be revealed in day two? Recommended at 92.

Grilled Lamb with Olive Sauce / Garlic Roasted Potatoes
Guigal Cote Rotie Brune et Blonde 1995
TN: Decanted 3 hrs. A reserved, elegant rendition of Syrah with gamey aromas followed by pepper, spice and berries. Well balanced and should still improve with time. Score: 90.

Behrens & Hitchcock Alder Springs Ranch Syrah 1999
TN: Decanted 3 hrs. More concentrated than the Guigal. This 1999 "Hommage to Ed Oliverier" Syrah was produced in very limited quantities - 50 cases. This Syrah from Mendocino County was simply outstanding. Aged in one, new French Oak puncheon for 17 months (according to the B&H newsletter) was full-bodied, huge, and perfectly balanced. Cassis, spice, and blackberry flavors with a nice long finish. Should improve with time, but I enjoyed it now. Good match with the lamb. Score: 93

Butterscotch Creme Brulee
Kracher Chardonnay Trockenbeerenauslese 1998 #9
TN: Medium to full bodied, sweet tropical fruit with a sweetness that matched well with the Creme Brulee. Very nice. Recommended at 90.

Assorted chocolate covered strawberries and grapes. A nice touch for a wonderful evening. Thanks again Vino Me and Lady Vino Me!

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Sounds like a good time. Beware of VM, he probably stuck a bottle INTO your cellar. And did his wife, the esteemed lady VM, coerce him into dressing UP?

More important, what year was the Kracher- '98? '96?

A 90 for the '98 tells me you don't like that style of wine, because IMO, it is no 90

DrT [Cool]

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Thanks for the heads up - I edited my post to reflect the 98. Don't get me wrong on the Kracher - this is perhaps my 3rd bottle of dessert wine, ever! I am still educating my palate, so until I have a broader experience with dessert wines, I put down what I felt . . . an "outstanding" bottle.

Vino Me dressed nice! Lady VM again would not let him leave without being presentable. A great time was had by all! My kids didn't even start a food fight. I think VM was disappointed, luving baseball and all . . .
Thanks everyone for your replies. I can't take all the credit - VM and Lady VM brought the creme brulee (w/ matching Kracher) and chocolate covered fruit. They were VERY patient while my 15-month old was having a bad day.

Board-O: There must of been some flour inside your invite. My guess is the post office is holding it for further examination. [Big Grin]

Mishy: I agree with you that switching the 1st two courses would work. If I am not mistaken, champagne and oysters are a "classic" combination.
Yogurt- That is precious. Why do I have the feeling that you are just the person to do the sweeping. Maybe Blue Oval will invite you next time. By the way, you stole my punch line.

Blue Oval- Sorry for the delay in responding but I was out of town until last night. Thanks again for the invite and the great evening. The food and wine was spectacular. I am going to post my notes on the wines individually later so they can be searched and commented on more easily. However, my favorite wine of the evening was the B&H followed by the Heidsieck.

For those of you reading this, Blue Oval did all the cooking and he is an excellent chef. His choice of wines was also impeccable. As you can tell from the line up he was most generous in opening up some fine bottles. He also has a charming wife and great kids.

Here are some general thoughts on the evening:

1) I was disappointed that Blue Oval did not honor the long standing tradition in Southern DuPage County of allowing your guest to choose 1 bottle from the hosts cellar as a gift. Despite the fact that I grew up in the area, he did not believe me that this custom existed. I had my eye on a few gems.

2) Yes the subject of snow shoveling and grass cutting came up. My wife was a very good sport. She would have to be to be married to me.

3) I was presented with a wonderful picture which was hand painted by Blue Oval's son. It was the picture from WS of the man eating at a restaurant in a T-shirt which was used in the Dress Codes column. It was a nice touch.

Vino Me is correct. It is custom in southern DuPage county to allow your guest to pick any wine they want from the hosts cellar. Living in in Southwest DuPage, we do it all the time. I am always generous with my wines, however there are a few that are off limits. [Wink]

VM, you're owed a bottle!

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