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Hello All,

I’m looking for recommendations for a 100 +/- bottle cooler.  Price range under $1500.  I can make $2k if you have a highly rated model.   I currently have an Edgestar 34 bottle cooler that’s about five years old, works great.  Just need more capacity!

Thanks for any leads!



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Here's a suggestion: has a Eurocave, Artevino III, which is a 200 Bottle fridge/cellar (we all know its actually less than 200 bottles) on sale for $2,099, down from $2,499.  If you are a member of Costco, it is worth considering.  A good price for a Eurocave - which many people consider to be the gold standard for wine fridges.

Not necessarily.  300-400 capacity coolers are very heavy and hard to move.  I've got a 48 bottle in the garage, daily drinking whites in a proper garage fridge, and about 100 bottle rack in the subterranean basement (with a hi/low mercury thermometer at about 3' off the ground).  Until I can afford to covert a partial area in the basement to a cellar, i'd consider buying another 48 or so cooler.  I can move it by myself and fits the ell in the stairwell going to the basement.

I started with a 30 bottle unit upgraded to an avanti 166 bottle unit which worked great until I ran out of space again so i purchased another avanti 166 bottle (comes with option to reverse hinges on the door) so I had 2 units side by side each one openining up opposite each other.

Then I ran out of space again and built a  walk in cellar.

Save yourself the money, time and headache and built a walk in now.

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